card meaning


I sometimes get this card in a few readings(usually for this one friend) and i have no idea what it means. I looked in all my papers and i just cant figure out what it means! The card is the Page of Cups. There are other "Pages of..." but this is the one that seems to occur in these certain readings! I need to know what they mean! Thanx for any help you can give me! ~DrEaMeR~


Hi there Dream -

a great place to learn about card meanings is in the Tarot Basics part of this forum. Thirteen has posted some lessons on the meanings of every card there, including the Page of Cups!
Just select 'from the beginning' to see all of the essays.



I can't understand from your post if you DID find reference for the Page of Cups, but still you can't relate the card to the situation, or you DID NOT find reference...

However, this could help you - it is quite generic, this is why! :)
Bookmark this site, it's very good! ;)