Card missing when you read


Hi all, Since I have been doing so much study with my Universal Deck and have been pulling out cards to study, I didn't notice that a card was missing when I did my daily draw. Normally I would consider it sychronicity, but the cards were so off that it really puzzled me until I saw the card (knight of swords) lying on the table with my books. I am thinking that since the cards I drew were so off the wall that I should consider them as warning me that one was missing and that I could draw again. I know there is no right or wrong, just curious how others would handle it.


i believe that everything happens for a reason. i've had similar experiences and always left the reading as is. i would pay particular attention to the knight of swords card.


This has happened to me. I leave the readings that I did as they are. IMO, the cards have so many combinations in a reading, depending on where they are in the spread, what other cards there are, the question asked, etc... One meaning can be shown by more than one card, so, if the card that is missing IS needed in my reading, I reckon the other cards will pull together, and show me that meaning another way, maybe through a different card.

I recently did a very accurate reading with my 1-card short Rohrig deck, and it turned out pretty good.



I agree with Diana as this has happened before when a card has been missed or left out, I would pay attention to it and consider it. And I would do the spread again but later that day.

Original Destiny

I find that I must have all the cards present...I don't use a significator for this cards are a WHOLE... its a bit like forgetting to put petrol in your, so to speak. I need everything there or it doesn't work properly:TWOR

Shawna Moon

I have been using my Mythic Tarot deck with the ace of wands missing for months now, I've done 15 readings in the past two weeks and all of them have been dead on. I do plan on getting a new deck, but I believe if the mind is focused and the energy of the deck is good, it doesn't matter.

Peace and Love Shawna Moon


have you tried writing the publisher of the Mythic deck and asking for a replacement card? A lot of people seem to be having good luck getting a free replacement from the publisher, so you can use that money to buy a new deck for your collection


SaraEnglish: The same has happened to me a few times, where I have overlooked a card in the deck box/bag before doing a Daily or a throw & discover it afterwards. I believe in synchronicity, so I pay attention to the card left behind as serving a purpose.
In your case, it could be used to clarify the reading or tie it together; or, see it as a message to redo the throw. There is no fixed approach, but whatever occurs as an option is likely appropriate.
When reading for others, there were a few occasions where it was not until after I began looking over the throw that I saw I placed 2 cards instead of 1 in one of the Celtic Cross positions. Instead of backing up the cards to eliminate one, I read the throw "as is".