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Unlike Tarot and Lenormand which [generally] have 78, and 36 cards respectively. Oracles can have a wide range of differences in the number of cards within each deck. There are oracle decks with 12, 18, 24, 30, 32, 36, 40, 42, 44, 48, 50…….. or indeed many more.

I am trying to find the oracle deck with the largest number of cards. The deck should be published and available, and have been designed for the purpose of an oracle deck (thus discounting Dixit, etc.).

I am aware of the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards which have a card count of 200. Is anyone aware of any other deck that has a larger card count please?

ana luisa

I have the Ocean and it is quite big. You can have some oracles that when added, add up to 190 or a bit less. Soul Cards 1 and 2 and the whole Dixit collection comes to mind. BTW, if you work with all the Dixit packs, you end up with even more than 200.


I have the Tea Leaf Oracle with it's 200 cards, I found them a pain to shuffle (you have to put them in a bag really :) ). Is there any complete oracle decks that go more than 200 decks I wonder? Someone here will know! Can't think of any but those :thumbsup:


It gets interesting when one looks at the larger decks, I did not know of the Ocean Oracle, but did know of the Tea Leaf Oracle. Dixit I had ruled out as it was not designed to be an oracle (but of course could be used as an oracle).

The reason I wanted to know the largest number is to ensure that any claims about a deck are honest and totally true. For example, to date, 'Oracle-X:Original' has published 248 cards and of those 196 are released currently, with the remaining 52 to be released over the course of the next few months (some individuals will have received 'free' cards that have been published but not released). As at today, only one owner is using a 248 card deck. There are several deck owners using a 200 card deck (none of which have an identical set of cards).

'Oracle-X:Original' when completed, will become a 972 card deck library. Special rules are being prepared to assist deck owners in shuffling and working with larger amounts of cards.

Of course we need to remember that very few will want every available card, but that an owner might have individual cards from across the complete library.


What an interesting concept. I recognize this isn't a commercial thread, but I'd like to know where or how to see more cards. via the link in your profile I see 8 cards, out of hundreds...inquiring minds want to know...


What an interesting concept. I recognize this isn't a commercial thread, but I'd like to know where or how to see more cards. via the link in your profile I see 8 cards, out of hundreds...inquiring minds want to know...

The concept was born out of frustration with what was available. You could purchase deck 'A' in Melbourne, and it would be identical, to the same deck purchased in Ontario, which would be identical to the same deck purchased in Edinburgh. This mean that whatever I did, I required each deck to be non-identical, and unique to the person who purchased it. Hence, every deck is guaranteed to be unique [in respect of its card combination], this encourages owners to bond with the deck more rapidly.

Having {used/read from} a great many decks over the decades, I found that many did not help an owner grow their own intuition. Some over pressed the authors viewpoint, others were sugary sweet, others highly prescriptive, and many old of touch with 21st century living. Whilst an experienced reader can get around these issues, these decks were not always helpful to the novice. So I had to attempt to offer an alternative, without falling into the same 'trap'.

Every human is different, and I wanted to ensure that the concept also included the ability to fully customise the deck. Hence O-X owners can customise their decks to suit their current requirements. The card combinations can allow the owner to have an animal deck one minute, with a Lenormand the next, the tarot the next, or just to use the cards that 'feel' right to them on that occasion.

Also important to me was to allow the owners to replaced any damaged cards (rather than wastefully having to purchase a new deck), or indeed any loose card.

Every O-X card is designed to work with any other, and in any combination, to create a complete card library. There is much to explore, with many hidden facets in respect of many of the illustrations.

It also had to be capable of working for both right and left brained individuals, and this led to an optional [to use] 'logical' mechanism on each card.

I also wanted to provide an extensive range of O-X spreads to be easily downloadable for those owners who prefer to use ready made spreads (rather than make their own up).

What I find really interesting is analysing the orders for loose cards; purchasers individual choices say so much about them. Not everyone chooses to customise their deck with additional cards and rightfully so. For those that do, the extra cards assist reaching deeper into ones intuition with increasingly accurate readings.

A quick search on Google for intuitive decks should point you in the direction to see most of the available O-X cards, with others appearing daily on the O-X card of the day on Facebook.

I hope I have satisfied your inquiring mind :)


But some of us are obsessive.

How would a person go about collecting all the Oracle-X:Original cards in numerical order? (Because some of us are a little OCD and can't handle this randomness.)

To be honest, this issue is what makes Dixit more appealing to me than Oracle-X. With Dixit I know if I have the cards in a particular deck and I can be sure that there will be no duplicates in the next deck.

I love the option of buying a single card if one becomes lost or damaged. But I also want to have the option to buy sets that don't contain duplicates.


If you were to purchase all of Carol Herzer's Spirit Speaks cards (the 3X5 size), it would be a 250 card deck.