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i have a deck that has some symbols that i am not too sure about, one being a the moment i cant think of a meaning for a key...2 cards have a key on them; judgement (a butterfly carrying a key) and the page of pentacles (a guy dancing over a strawberry vine thingy holding a key in his right hand)...can anyone here help me out?



It might help us answer if you could please tell us what deck you're using. Thanks!


a key.

the answer that you are seeking.

unlocking your true feelings or emotions of something.

getting to the heart of the matter.

meeting someone that will assist you in your quest.

stuff like that.

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Quote:Originally posted by arizonagirl
It might help us answer if you could please tell us what deck you're using. Thanks!

i am using the tarot nova by dennis fairchild and julie paschkis



Keys usually symbolize answers, wisdom, enlightenment. Butterflies are symbols of transformation. So for the Judgement card, enlightenment through transformation (or, transformation brings enlightenment).
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I guess no-one would be daft enough to put symbols in a card that no-one else could I usually assume my first intuitive assumption is right, unless someone shows me a better do keys do?..unlock locks...and metaphorically open doors...remove obstacles...


Cirlot's "A Dictionary of Symbols" has this about butterflies...

"Among the ancients, an emblem of the soul and of unconscious attraction towards the light. The purification of the soul by fire, represented in Romanesque art by the burning ember placed by the angel in the prophet's mouth, it is visually portrayed on a small Mattei urn by means of an image of love holding a butterfly close to the flame. The Angel of Death was represented by the Gnostics as a winged foot crushing a butterfly, from which we may deduce that the butterfly was equated with life rathe than with the soul in the sense of the spirit or trandendent being. This also explains why psychoanalysis regards the butterfly as a symbol of rebirth."

Perhaps you will find this useful, perhaps not.

Original Destiny

Try looking on this sight
it has a lot of information on symbolism for the Rider Waite deck of which most modern decks are based. (dont know if your deck is though)


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i tried out your link but yahoo geocities says it doens't exist?
hope you help me out, i'm very curious about your link.

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thanks everyone, your posts helped me alot! :) :)