Card Titles: Force (Strength card)

Rusty Neon

I've noticed that, in two of the main Tarot de Marseille decks (17th century Noblet and 1701 Dodal), the Strength card is titled "Force" in French (rather than "La Force", with the article "La"). However, in the 1760 Conver (the other main Tarot de Marseille deck), it is spelled La Force. In more modern sources, I have seen La Force in French and La Forza in Italian. Which of the two ways of French and Italian spellings (no article: Force/Forza vs. with article: La Force/La Forza) of the name of the Strength card in the Tarot deck is most likely the correct spelling?



I think there is an intended emphasis on the feminine with La,
as well as the clarifying aspect of this not being Fortitude.

FORCE: etymology: Middle English, from Middle French,
from (assumed) Vulgar Latin fortia, from Latin fortis strong.
1: strength or energy exerted or brought to bear
: cause of motion or change : active power.

STRENGTH: etymology: Middle English strengthe, from the
Old English strengthu; akin to Old High German strengi strong.

...just some thoughts