Card XV: The Devil/Rede Kufku


Rede Kufku corresponds to The Devil in a traditionally named tarot deck. This is probably my favorite of the fully completed cards so far. If you would like to support this effort and want to see the deck exist, please consider a contribution!
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Kufku is the luminary of the suit of Water, and the god of fertility, virility, and ambition. Although they preside over the element of water, the icon of their station is a torch with a blue flame. This is in direct defiance of Reku, the luminary of Fire, with whom they are in direct conflict.
Rede Kufku’s blue flame provides only the illusion of warmth, but consumes as any other fire would. Kufku themself is as their own flame. They are daring and seductive, promising riches and glory, but take more than they provide. Serving them, we observe those who have been tempted. First glance gives an impression fine gold jewelry, but greater scrutiny reveals chains leading from locked, biting collars. Although their influence leads many to ruin, their flame is not lessened for having lit more. Those who can consume others while offering nothing in return may know profit under their influence.
Sexual energy and sensuality are also closely associated with Kufku. They wear extravagant robes and finery, fur slicked smooth with sweetly scented oils. Within context, these need not be read as directly related to the card’s connotations of avarice, although the relationship to temptation is undeniable.

Upright Reading: Romantic and/or sexual desires. Amorous intent. Temptation.
Inverted Reading: Ambition, the seeking of a goal currently out of reach (though not necessarily through greed). Temptation.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz