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In the topic about how we use our Tarot cards, Meewah mentioned that she uses some cards as Tarot posters, copying them and using them to 'touch base'.

So, if you were to pick three cards (Yes, just three!) which would you have on your wall, and why? And which deck would you use, and why?

I think I would use the Robin Wood deck cuz I find the pictures vibrant and full of imagery. I would probably have the Empress, the Hanged Man, and the 8 of Cups. The Empress, cuz for me She is Creativity itself, and I am a poet and writer, so it makes sense I like this card. She also has children, and I have my 'brainchildren' (My writings). The Hanged Man cuz I've always felt an attachment to him, and cuz he reperesents a willing sacrifice, something I need to know more about, and the 8 of Cups cuz it represents me at the moment, turning to things more spiritual...

Also, I have mentioned I have this attachment to the Hanged Man. Are there any cards you are particularly attached to, but don't know why?



i think one of my most favorite cards of all time is the three of cups from the robin wood deck. i'm also entranced by the moon from the legend arthurian tarot.

and finally, i find myself attracted to the death card. perhaps it's morbid curiosity, or perhaps it reflects so well, my path in this life. i'm not sure which deck though. i prefer when a skeleton is not used - it seems so overdone, and not really representative of what the card really means to me. many have an image of a butterfly somewhere on the card - perhaps that's the reason for my attraction.

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I can identify with your feelings about the Death card and skeletons, which is why I love the Robin Wood deck so mcuh: There's a hooded figure, and a butterfly! Very symbolic. In fact, the deck I am creating's Death card simply shows a black butterfly on a red rose....



One of my fave cards is the Hermit. I just like what he represents so much. Introspection, inner light, following the spiritual, enlightenment, wise advice. (I never stop meddling. ;) )

I like the death card too. Not all of them and yes, sometimes it can be a trifle overdone. I do like the image with the skeleton though, just not all artists' interpretations of it. I've often wondered why we don't just change the name of that one to transformation or change in a deck?

I also like the High Priestess. Gives me something to aspire to. And I need to work on builiding my intuition.

I like the Hanged Man too, especially since someone here (sorry, i forget who) described him as Odin, but I don't think I'd "hang" him in my house. (pun intended of course)

Rhiannon :)


Posters? Picking just 2 of my favorites - Robin Wood's 2 of Pentacles, and Hanson Roberts' 9 of Pentacles.


78 cards of tarot on the wall...take one. oh, sorry wrong idea. but that is what i thought when i first read this thread.

Vertigo Tarot--Death
Vertigo Tarot--Temperance
Merry Day Tarot--The Ace of wands (green dragon)

ah heck, knowing me i'd scan in multiple copies of a bunch of decks and collage my walls in cards. which, HEY there's a neet idea for my altar room...

hey brucey? can you come over and help me...

thanks for the ideas. they're dangerous in the hands of chaotic kitty beast.

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.dc (17 Aug, 2001 00:26):

Merry Day Tarot--The Ace of wands (green dragon)

With the Merry Day deck I absolutly love the Moon. It gives me such a sense of peace and being "at one" with everything. The one I don't like in that deck is King of Fire (I think that's the name, I'd have to pull the deck out to look) He just looks so sinister to me. Very disquieting.



I'd have to pick The Empress, this card is turning into one of my favourites, The Sun card and the 2 of Cups - all from the Original Rider Waite.



Well, here goes.
Ace of Cups-Goddess Tarot- To me this cup stands for and abundance of all things wonderful and I love Kris Waldher's artistic interpretation of this one. I actually have it tattooed on my ankle!

Strength-Robin Wood- This is my personal card and Robin Wood's art is just beautiful. To me, the way he has drawn it speaks of a gentle strength.

High Preistess-Robin Wood- I just think this card is beautiful and everytime I see it come up in a reading it makes me feel beautiful and mystical and more in touch with my spiritual side.

The Card that I am particularly drawn to would be the Fool (which would be my fourth poster) I just love the whole feel of the card. Opportunity, adventure, the unknown, leap of faith......Just love it!


Oh gosh, only three huh?

Well, okay here are my three. I really wish that I could make a poster of all the Majors in the Spiral Tarot. They are among the most spiritual I have ever seen, I'm a little iffy on the rest of the deck but anyways, getting to my three...In no particular order...this is a little tough...

The Star- Spiral Tarot -This card completely conveys my interpretation of the card and I can almost feel the interpretation. Yeah, that sounds weird but you know what I mean. I feel serene, healed, spiritual, meditative, balanced, quiet, introspective, inspired, positive and at peace.

The World-Spiral Tarot-I just like this version of The World. This version seems to incorporate a lot of symbolism and I like the pose of the human figure in the card as well. It's not quite the joyous figure in the Rider-Waite and Robin Wood but you get a more serene sense of liberation, completion, and growth after obstacles.

The Ace of Cups-Robin Wood- I had a very vivid dream of this card and I barely ever remember my dreams. My dream was being in the landscape of the Ace of Cups with the cup right in front of me. It was like paradise! I want to honeymoon and vacation in the Ace of Cups! ;-)

There you have it! My three, but ask again next week and I'll probably have a different answer. It was tough to choose.