Caridwen's Web for 21 Ways to read Tarot Group


Caridwen's Web is based on the ancient Norse pantheon and Well of Wryd. The Well of Wryd is under the World Tree near a womb like cave inhabited by three giant sisters: Urd, Verthandi and Skuld known collectively as Die Schreiberinnen. This translates roughly as 'the Writing Women' (not spinners as is commonly supposed). The sisters write the 'fate' of mortal and immortal alike on staves of wood or the Book of Destiny that contains all the mysteries of the universe.

The Well of Urd or the Well of Wyrd (Urdarbrunnr) has powers of eternal youth and also serves as the meeting place for the court of law of the gods. The roots of the World Tree are watered everyday by water from the Well which falls back to earth as dew. When deer graze on the moistened branches, their milk turns to honey mead; the food of the gods and elixir of life.

As the sisters water the roots of the World Tree they chant the Orlog: the essential and unchanging laws of the universe that both drive and limit present events and situations. Thus the Well is the repository of the past and the World Tree (the present), is dependant on the Well for both growth and healing. In this way the present is continuously influenced by that which has gone before. The 'power of the past upon the present' is sometimes referred to as Wyrd. Once present events have happened, their effects and implications drip like dew from the tree back into the Well to either clarify or complicate the past.

Orlog is both the law and lore (knowledge) of the universe – the ultimate plan of creation. Orlog is the Old Norse for 'cycle of fate', or for the unalterable destiny of the world. All things have their own Orlog, their own Path of Reality. This includes concepts and situations. It also includes Creation itself. All individual Orlogs are facets of the Universal Orlog, and all are part of the great Web of Fate being written by the Norns. Orlog is that which you are born with that the Norns already know. You are responsible for making a difference and held accountable for what you do be it good or bad in this lifetime. You are also responsible in this lifetime for paying back any debts or wrongs.

Everybody is born with certain abilities, strengths and weaknesses. One's own Wyrd is the way these abilities lead you through life. If you work against your Wyrd, you will encounter problems. You can move off the path of Wryd but the Reality of Life or Web of Reality will always try to pull you back on course. Although we must learn to live with the Reality of ourselves, we must also attempt to make our weaknesses into strengths by accepting them and working with them. Wyrdness implies that while we are affected and constrained by our past actions, we are continually creating our own Wyrd by how we respond to the present.

The Spread

........................... Potitions One – Verthandi – 'that which is becoming' -

...4.................7..... Position Two- Urd – 'that which has become' - Past

............................ Position Three – Skuld – 'that which should become'

2...........1 ............3 Position Four - Obligation

............................ Position Five - Intent

...6.................5..... Position Six - Rune

.......................... Position Seven - Account

The first three positions of the spread refer to the three sisters:

Thence come the maidens | mighty in wisdom,
Three from the dwelling | down 'neath the tree;
Urth is one named, | Verthandi the next,--
On the wood they scored,-- | and Skuld the third.
Laws they made there, and life allotted
To the sons of men, and set their fates.

From the Völuspá

The sisters are the "three mysterious beings" of the Prose Edda (an ancient Norse poem) : High-One, Just-as-High, and Third. Urd is the oldest of the sisters and guards the Well of Wyrd. She is represented as an old woman looking behind her to what has already happened. The Second sister is Verthandi and is usually depicted as a young woman looking forward. She is 'Being' and governs 'that which is becoming' (present). The youngest sister is Skuld or 'Necessity' – 'that which should necessarily be' (future). Necessity here is the necessity of repaying debts and our debt for life is death therefore, Skuld determines the length of each life. She's always facing the opposite direction of Urd, in order to see what is yet to come.

The Fourth position Obligation is related to Skuld and represents the moral debts or responsibilities incurred from past actions. Our moral debts are sometimes accumulated indirectly from the lives of any whose Wyrd has been woven together with ours such as ancestors and tribal members. It can be of a positive or negative nature depending upon the circumstances that induced it. Therefore we all have a responsibility to 'do the right thing' for everything we do has far reaching consequences that do not only effect us.

The Fifth position, Intent helps us to see what our or another's motive may be in the present situation. Sometimes our reasons for action are unclear even to ourselves and may be part of a cycle of behaviour derived from our personal Wyrd.

Position Six refers to the Runes Odin found after hanging for nine days and nights from the World Tree. The word Rune means mystery or secret and it is used in the spread to see that which is veiled from us or hidden at this time. It may point to something being kept from us or hidden that would have an effect on the situation if known.

Position Seven, Account, refers to what may happen should we not divert from our present course taking into account all that has gone before. It is the accumulation of our personal Wyrd thus far and takes into account the effects our possible decision will have on our Wyrd in the future. Every choice we make in the present builds upon and alters our Wryd.

The way to read the spread is to imagine being inside a giant spider's web that reverberates with every touch or action. The positions cannot be read separately from each other, they are as intertwined as our personal Wyrd is with Orlog. The overall weave of the web cannot be changed but the pattern is never fixed, it can be clarified or further complicated by new choices and situations. Thus everything must be taken into account before making a final decision or choice.

The object of the spread is to help us see our position within the Universe alongside our ancestors or, on a microcosmic level, the far reaching consequences of our present actions.


For the ADEPT level of 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card

Hello to the "21 Ways" Adept Level participants.

I am announcing a very special exercise for those of us who are in the Adept Level and those who will be joining us in the next few days. Apprentice Level members are not encouraged to join in this exercise at this time. It is likely that this can be run again later -- its not to be discriminating but to manage the logistics of time and effort.

caridwen posted a very special and unique spread some time ago in the AT Forum for spreads. The spread was based upon an ancient Nordic legend and outlined a powerful story that resonated within me. (Lots of Swedish family background on my Mother's side) Lately, I decided that our group just had to have the experience of working with this spread as a tool of self analysis and guidance. Couple this with our present state of card reading, and we have the possibility of really lighting up our path and accelerating many aspects of our tarot work.

Once we do complete our readings (for ourselves or for our study-buddy), I have asked caridwen to assist each of use with commentary about how we used and applied our cards, understanding of the spread, and interpretation to our attempts to gain illumination. It for her benefit, to minimize the work that she might have to put into this for us, that I have limited this exercise to just the Adept Level group. Once we have this experience to assess, we can look at doing this again for others.


FIRST. I would like each of us to read and study the legend that caridwen has kindly provided. We need to understand the legend and meditate on its powerful message.

SECOND. We need to study the spread's card positions and then dwell upon the relationships between those positions. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOT ACTUALLY DO A PRACTICE READING YET. I want to save the first, exciting reading for our shared group experience.

THIRD. Determine if you will do this by yourself or with a study-buddy. If not sure, just ask anyone specifically or just post an open question. At this level, we each know and trust that whoever we work with will make a best-effort on our behalf just as we each will for them.

Those who are completing the last steps of Apprentice Level and who wish to join us at the Adept Level should contact me via PM. I want them to join us but I also want to assure that anyone who wishes a study buddy can be linked to another who also wishes this.

In any case, once you have made a decision, PM me with your choice. Once all participants are lined up, matched up and ready to go, we will all start our experience.

FOURTH. Once we start I would expect that a week or so later we will see the first readings posted. At the end of your reading, add a line to indicate if you want caridwen to post public comments or to IM with you with any suggestions. caridwen's comments will be made after each of the participants have posted their readings.

FIFTH. Following our readings and during-or-following caridwen's comments, our discussions and self-editing can follow.


I expect the Tarot to do as it always does, provide some meaningful guidance on my life and its progress in certain directions as well as areas of balance and imbalance. A sort of tune-up for the ego, soul and spirit.

I expect that the nature of this legend's context and the spread will push me to really use my cards in ways that I may not have appreciated before. It will be exciting to see just what me and the cards find in this exercise. It is my hope that you all will achieve worthwhile experiences and gains for yourselves.


For the next few days I hope that any questions, comments and suggestions will be offered. I want this to be a most positive experience for each of us. Nobody has to participate, of course, but I think this is a most exciting opportunity. We might start in several days, within a week at most. Dave


Hi all,
I think the terminology of this spread is throwing me off a bit, but...
In mulling the myth around and the basic grasp I have of the positions...well...somehow, I think I could better understand this spread by just doing it.
Then if I have any questions regarding the inter-relations of positions, I could ask then. Also after a throw I think Caridwen could actually see how off I am, lol.
Just my thoughts.


How I see and organize my thinking about Caridwen's Web

When I first examined this spread, I was reading another posting of Caridwen which was similar but which also gave a bit more information about a couple of positions.
** 1) That which is becoming (NOW)
** 2) That which has become (PAST)
** 3) That which should become (FUTURE)
** 4) Obligation, responsibility
** 5) Intent, motive
** 6) Rune (HIDDEN, what we don't know)
** 7) Account (ADVICE, possible repercussions)

Now, I lay out the spread with rectangles space close together. I number and place the keyword (CAPITALS) in each card position. If you do this, I would offer you what I saw in this spread, something that makes Caridwen's comments about being inside a spider web and looking outward to see how it all resonates about you.

Remember when we used Robert Place's flow-reading method of relating a third card to two other cards, and used the facing or facing-away postures to see how the energy flows? We can do the same here if you carefully look at the meanings of these card positions.

** For cards 1 and 2 as a pair, card 4 above: NOW has been shaped by the PAST. How did we meet our OBLIGATIONS to get here, now?

** For cards 2 and 3 as a pair, card 7 above: NOW will lead to the FUTURE, what ADVICE is given on following your path?

** For cards 1 and 2 as a pair, card 6 below: NOW has been shaped by the PAST. Can you see what HIDDEN help, hinderances or situations affected your current situation?

** For cards 2 and 3 as a pair, card 5 below: We need to move to the FUTURE from the present/NOW. How will your INTENT guide you?

** For cards 6 and 5 as a pair, card 1 above: We need to understand past and HIDDEN agendas in order to shape our INTENT, so that we can best use our present/NOW strengths and weaknesses.

** For cards 4 and 7 as a pair, card 1 below: Our OBLIGATIONS may be altered by our present/NOW situation, so ADVICE may be needed as to how to meet responsibilities.

Remember, Caridwen said this is a web, its all around us. So, if we chose, we could also look "vertically" and what would we see?

** For cards 4 and 6, card 2 to the side: How have OBLIGATIONS shown HIDDEN or little-understood actions in the PAST?

** For cards 4 and 6, card 1 to the side: How have OBLIGATIONS shown HIDDEN or little understood results in the present/NOW?

We can do the same for cards 5 and 7.

** For cards 5 and 7, card 1 to the side: How has your INTENT dealt with any ADVICE given in how you prepare to move forward from the present/NOW?

** For cards 5 and 7, card 3 to the side: How has your INTENT been changed by ADVICE for FUTURE actions?

Should we follow this outline in our readings? That's up to each individual or study-pair to choose. There are lots of ways to read any spread. One could follow a linear path from position one to seven. One might choose to read this spread in a "star" pattern -- three cards across, three cards down-and-right, three cards down-and-left. We could read this spread as if an "observer" by going around the outside, starting at 2, then 4, 7, 3, 5 and 6 as these position meanings apply to one's present/NOW situation. Or we could look at some external cards in terms of threes-or-triangles: 2-7-5, 4-3-6, 7-5-2m etc,

Or, we can read card sets as the meanings of the positions and the cards we deal strike us in a free-form manner. I think our choice will probably be affected by the nature of our present situation or what we have been through in the past or what we think we face in the future. Even if I were to use the Robert Place flow method and the use of triangular card sets that I noted earlier, I might still use only some of those combinations and not all of them.

I hope these thoughts make it easier for some to choose how they might initially start to read this thread. It's the understanding and the answers that might come that makes this myth and spread so intriguing. I know you all will deal with the cards quite well -- its the "spread" side of reading the tarot that we need to challenge ourselves with. Dave


Caridwen’s Web using Universal Waite…

I would like to look at the myth…

Urd was the eldest sister that guards the Well of Wryd. She is the biggest-the High One of the three. The Well she guards is a repository of the past. This is where the World Tree receives growth and healing.
So there seems to be benefit from looking at one’s past, being able to view events objectively, that which only time can provide.
In this, my present is continuously influenced by what has gone before…

My key words were set up as:

NOW=9 of Wands
PAST=2 of Pentacles(rx)
FUTURE=King of Swords
ADVICE=2 of Cups(rx)
MOTIVE=The Empress(rx)
UNKNOWN=The Hermit

In applying Caridwen's words so I can better understand my place in this web and my question-

Q: I’d like added insight as to my current profession, why do I do what I do?

Now-Past (9 of Wands & 2 of Pents-rx)
Loss of one manner or another has caused a defensiveness to continually go up. At times I can’t seem to push through it and feel stuck. According to the myth, this is also where my healing begins. It is my responsibility (8 of Swords) to get “unstuck”, to gain on value(2 of Pents-rx). It does no good to belittle myself(Advice=2 of Cups-rx), for how am I to meet my responsibilites(8 of Swords).
The power of the past upon the present is called my personal Wyrd. This is what leads me through my life. How I respond to the present is how I create my Wryd. If I feel constrained by the past and my decisions made there, it is up to me to face them as best as possible. Well that just reeks of dharma and karma...
How does one face an oncoming boomerang that one has set into motion?
A person can duck it, side-step it, or catch it, among other choices like allowing it to hit you in the head. But that is Wyrd, isn’t it? That is karma, no? That which we have created in the past and must now answer to. It’s neither here nor there…three sisters that live in a cave, a cave being a symbol of what is liminal. Having left a place, yet not arriving either.

Urd-what has already happened…2 of Pents-rx.
In not wanting to face my responsibilities or recognizing where it is that I am meant to go, have suffered a bit. Moving form one job to another for many many years.

Verthandi-that which is becoming…9 of Wands.
Fearful of not meeting the challenges set forth, placing too much faith in that which I perceive with just my senses. Giving too much credence to the “bad” in the past. Not seeing clearly at present because of it.

Skuld-that which should necessarily be…King of Swords.
Will need to be more objective and apply it to the mundane. Sure to be a unique view, but also a solitary one. By the looks of this king, he truly wants to make amends, and so, payment will be made.

The Fourth position-moral debts and responsibilities incurred from past action…8 of Swords.
There is resistance in what needs to be done, but great promise if done correctly. I’ve been told that the 8 of Swords has the biggest castle in the entire deck. There is hope in facing the shadows, and perhaps peace.

The Fifth position-my motive in the present situation…The Empress(rx).
To understand in a clear manner what is expected of me. Wanting to resolve long-term emotional issues. Nothing more, nothing less.

Position Six-that which is veiled…The Hermit.
I have a teacher, and he is not as unknown to me now as he has been in the past. Not alone in needing to do what must be done, but, for God’s sake---trust it!

Position Seven-Every choice made in the present builds/alters Wryd…2 of Cups-rx.
There maybe one of two ways to go that will be presented. One being better than the other. Emotions need to be taken out of the equation. More than one person will be affected. I must be mindful.

Combining the cards in reference to question:

Q: I’d like added insight as to my current profession, why do I do what I do?

Now/Responsibility/Motive-card positions 1/4/5
9 of Wands/8 of Swords/The Empress(rx)
It would seem that I take my responsibility, at present, seriously(8 of Swords), perhaps too seriously(9 of Wands). There doesn’t seem to be anything peculiar about that until the Empress(rx) is thrown into the mix. From Rachel Pollack’s Seventy-Eight Degress of Wisdom:
“so the Empress reversed could mean a new intellectual awareness, especially the solving of some complicated emotional problem by calmly thinking it through.”
I find the thing that makes work interesting, especially in the last year, has been the struggle to understand myself in relation to my responsibilities. Not only at work, but as to what I expect of myself as a person. As another AT member asked if it was possible to find the spiritual in the mundane. For me, I have and continue to be amazed by it everyday.

Now/Advice/Unknown-card positions 1/7/6
9 of Wands/ 2 of Cups(rx)/ The Hermit
I think this points to trust issues.
The advice being that as difficult as it maybe to trust(2 of Cups-rx) that which remains unknown(The Hermit), to do so anyway. There seems a potential to learn (the Hermit) much more then I had anticipated in relation to others and myself. Teacher(The Hermit) says that there is much more to the past then I give credit. That to be cautious(9 of Wands) is good, but not too cautious. Better to be strong than weak(2 of Cups-rx), yet there is strength in vulnerability. Lots of tweaking to be done, but a key ingredient is to trust where I currently stand and build on it.

Now/Past/Future-card positions 1/2/3
9 of Wands/2 of Pents(rx)/King of Swords
It was difficult understanding my place in the scheme of things(2 of Pents-rx). Constant questions, constant doubts, yet I ask again. I remember the insecurity, the out and out rejection, taking it all too personally (9 of Wands looking at 2 of Pents-rx)—and I don’t want to go back there again. The future is the sword king who I do not take as a person. The energy is of seeing from a higher perspective my position in life which includes my profession. If a person, it is a demanding sort, one who I do not wish to involve myself with or become. Perhaps I can gather clarification of this sword king…

Future/Advice/Motive-card positions 3/7/5
King of Swords/2 of Cups(rx)/The Empress(rx)
Too many things seem contingent on the King, the advice he takes, the intention that spurs him on.
That just came to me-the word “honesty”. He is not as threatening as he initially appeared.
The future seems to want for me to control myself better within given situations that are emotionally entangling. It would benefit me to work on being more objective, focusing on the impersonal, as crazy as that may sound. I think I could be a good sword king and apply it to work.
But what went on in the past, what is it that I am looking(9 of Wands looking at card 2-4-6) at and muddling through…

Responsibility/Past/Unknown-card positions 4/2/6
8 of Swords/2 of Pents-rx/The Hermit

You know I’ll say one thing, at least I took the blindfold off(8 of Swords to 9 of Wands)which is now on my head, lol. I think I can be more objective, if not philosophical, regarding my responsibilities in general.
I have been overwhelmed by them in the past(8 of Swords&2 of Pents-rx), and here have been my greatest lessons(the Hermit). The point being that in “order to suffer less, [I must] practice forgiveness more” (Dr. Frank Luskin-Forgive for Good). This could apply to anything, anyone(dead or alive), anywhere and has.

In closing, I believe I am where I am to not only help an overwhelmed mother, but also to help myself in facing internal obstructions. I cannot do this without active interaction with others. The others are those clients I meet and serve at the beauty shop. There seems to be a learning process going on aside from hair. It is also a profession that will, ultimately, provide security, even in its (my hair talents) limited form-for now. My days there are usually better enhanced and feel more rewarding when I look at an issue in a deeper sense. Finding small miracles in the most mundane of things-work.

Dave, the way you presented the key words within this spread really did help me a great deal in understanding how to proceed-thank you.
A big thank you to Caridwen for creating this very interesting spread. It's an eye-opener!
Also, I wouldn't mind if Caridwen would post any comments on my web attempt in public.
Thank you all again:)


Dave's reading

Dave’s reading using Caridwen’s Web.

Using the Fey Tarot, I have laid out the following card positions. My question as I do this is, “What do I need to know to keep everything balanced in my somewhat compartmentalized life.”

1, NOW; The Empress. She sits among a diminutive castle and holds a baby unicorn.
2, PAST; 4-Wands. A huge tree is being draped with ribbons and decorations.
3, FUTURE, Wisest (Hierophant). An older, bearded Fey sits upon an hourglass and examines a scroll, a giant dragon curled about his feet.
4, OBLIGATION, 7-Swords. A female Fey, with body paint and being translucent, holds a large sword as she looks about.
5, INTENT, Knight-Swords. Another female Fey rides a dragon and brandishes a Sword.
6, HIDDEN, 4-Swords. A Fey crouches, paints his/her face from a pot of paint.
7, ADVICE, The Emperor. He sits upon his stone thrown, floating in mid-air, a sword imbedded in a rock float nearby, a baby unicorn floating by on another rock.

Part One
NOW: The Empress suggests that I presently am caring for and providing stability and continuity within my circle. I consider this quite an affirmation.
PAST: The 4-Wands suggests that a past, positive celebration of life and actions taken have formed the basis of the current situation.
FUTURE: Wisest (Hierophant). The Empress looks forward to Wisest, who teaches all who approach him with an open heart. Clearly, the way forward is learning, teaching and sharing.
OBLIGATION: 7-Swords – there are times when one shouldn’t fight or defend but to hold back, remaining hidden or non-threatening, not using one’s own personal strengths, but to let others lead or express themselves.
INTENT: Knight of Swords. A confliction here – this card represents letting oneself go, to act in haste and to later regret our actions. This will have to be explored more deeply.
HIDDEN: 4-Swords (the second “4” card, the third “sword” card). This card symbolizes one who has “given up” much that was important to him/her, has nothing more to lose and may (because of this past renunciation) have much to gain, even though gain as such is not sought.
ADVICE: Emperor. This Fey holds half the promise of a fruitful life, the ability to be consistent, to rule fairly, to take a productive road, to inspire and lead others, to always follow the “high” road.

Part Two
The past-present-future cards flow nicely, and shape the core of the reading. I’m concerned about the INTENT card. There are three ways to read this card. 1) Intent, Empress and 4-Swords as a flow sequence addressing how INTENT, PRESENT, and HIDDEN cards work together. 2) Knight of Swords, Empress and Emperor as a flow sequence addressing how INTENT, PRESENT and ADVICE work together. 3) Knight of Swords, Wisest and Emperor as a flow sequence addressing how INTENT, FUTURE and ADVICE work together.
1) The Empress, as the middle card, doesn’t seem to care NOW about what was HIDDEN in the past, but instead challenges the INTENT (or natural way of action) to charge ahead when dealing with life. Obviously she is counseling “patience.
2) The Empress as the middle card between the Knight of Swords and the Emperor, again looks forward calmly to both the other cards. The Emperor is the model to follow, not the Knight of Swords. She holds a baby unicorn, a potential for magic and miracles, much like the creature floating near the Emperor. While the Knight also rides a magical creature, its message is obviously not appropriate.
3) The Wisest one, between the Knight and Emperor, faces the Knight as he reads from a long scroll or record. His dragon is far bigger than the Knight’s dragon, and is a rest and deference to the teaching and knowledge offered. Mind over emotions. While ignored, in flow assessment, the Emperor floats in chaos, confident that he exemplifies calm leadership.
Overall, this seems like a firm putting-down of my past way of doing things by just charging ahead without concern for consequences.

Using the same “flow interactions” between any other trio’s of cards wouldn’t add much to the majority of the card positions, the answers seem quite direct except for the role of the Knight. The HIDDEN card, the 4-Swords, is quite clear to me. Approaching 50 years of marriage, having retired and taken on the raising of a second family from babies to teenagers involves a lot of adjustments, some of them quite painful, most quite joyful. If anyone feels they need to explore this for their understanding, they can PM me with questions.

What do I need to know to keep everything balanced in my somewhat compartmentalized life. This was my question. The spread suggests that much is right, appropriate paths have been followed, and that a cautionary note is to pursue patience and not utilize the natural instinct to charge ahead and over-manage things, but to help and serve others as a way to lead and progress on a personal basis. Dave

The Knight of Swords in the INTENT position bothered me. It just stuck out like a hurt thumb. That is why I employed that card as part of three 3-card readings to see how it could be clarified. The card images, in this case, were very helpful. Clearly the unicorn in the Empress and Emperor cards pointed to a more magical and mature approach than the un-caring emotions and actions of the Knight. Then, the dragon of Wisest counterbalanced the dragon that the Knight was riding, subdued by the knowledge and sharing of the old man, and the example set by the Emperor. Finally, the trio involving the Empress and the 4-Swords (HIDDEN) had a powerful meaning for me, pointing to a need to reaffirm forgiveness or the willingness to drop past animosities and leave the past behind so as to move more easily into the future. A powerful reading and very helpful for me to participate in.


squeakmo9 said:
Hi all,
I think the terminology of this spread is throwing me off a bit, but...
In mulling the myth around and the basic grasp I have of the positions...well...somehow, I think I could better understand this spread by just doing it.
Then if I have any questions regarding the inter-relations of positions, I could ask then. Also after a throw I think Caridwen could actually see how off I am, lol.
Just my thoughts.
Squeakmo, I totally agree with you on this. Granted I just briefly read through this and am printing it out so I can mull over it for the next two days or so, but I think it will be helpful to work the spread to see it in action.

Dave thanks for all of your guidance, I think it will be incredibly useful in working this spread. For some reason this spread seems very personal in many ways, spiritual even. I think you are right, it will definetly help us on our quest to learn more about ourselves.


Jewel said:
Dave thanks for all of your guidance, I think it will be incredibly useful in working this spread.

You know, Jewel, I broke out some pieces of paper, popped on those keywords ala Dave and it REALLY helped me!
I was able to view the whole shebang much better;)


For Jewel

You said, " For some reason this spread seems very personal in many ways, spiritual even. I think you are right, it will definetly help us on our quest to learn more about ourselves."

I agree, the spread does have a special feeling about it. I was trying to work with it two days before I posted, but felt uncomfortable about laying down the cards at that time. I don't think I had my question and reasons for doing so laid out in my mind. Once I did go ahead, the cards/positions seemed so personal and had great meaning for me in the context of my question.

As I mentioned, I found the spread to be a great affirmation about where I was in life at this point. I was concerned about the one wrinkly in the spread reading but that was appropriately position and related nicely to the whole reading once I took the time to dig.

We had done the Triangle spread some time back as a special exercise, another 7 card spread. I liked this particular 7 card spread because of the ways I could inter-relate the card/positions which I thought were rather carefully conceived and planned. Now, I am going to revisit my reading and see if I can relate it in some different way to the myth itself just to see what additionally pops out for me. This is definitely a spread I will keep in my tarot toolbox. Dave


Just to let you guys know that I'm keeping an eye on this thread and taking note of your concerns.

It would help if:

a) Could you scan the cards you are using please?
b) Would it be possible to photo the spread as you have used it and post it?
c) Could you please state in clear terms what your questions are regarding your spread and reading so that I can answer them?

d) You may find it useful to superimpose the reading you did onto an actual spiders' web (obviously online not a real one!;) ) as it helps to see the connection more clearly. Like this.