Cartomancy "Solitaire" Spread/Method...?


So, I saw this over the weekend, and I'm still wondering. I think everyone here is a better source than Google!

I haven't dabbled with cartomancy, just Tarot and astrology, so I know nothing about it. Last weekend, I was at work (I'm a private tutor). "Work" means "visiting people in their homes." In between lessons, a family friend came over, presumably to say hi. We chatted for a bit and then she saw my deck of playing cards, which is a part of my "tutoring arsenal." She asked if she could use them and I said of course, and she shuffled and dealt out what I thought was a hand of solitaire (Klondike/patience), but that I soon realized was a cartomancy method. I didn't catch most of the conversation about what the reading meant (that conversation was in Persian), but now I'm really curious about this particular spread. You can see how having such hazy information to go by would make Googling this one tough, though! All I can say for sure is that it looked exactly like a game of patience (so staggered piles: one with 1 card, one with 2, one with 3, and so on) and with a total of 8 piles. She drew a few extra cards at the end, and that seemed to have something to do with doubles or repeats (but I'm not 100% on it).

Does this sound familiar? Where can I find out more?


Hi kobarot yes I have seen this talked abought on the net. Will look around to se if I can find more info, don't hold your breath, may take some time...


Thanks Green! There is no rush. This is just my idle curiosity. ;)


A very long time ago I found that in general solitaire can be used as the cartomancy method. I'm not sure about it, would be worth checking.