Cartomancy system roll call!


It seems a little slow on this board, so lets see who uses what system for reading cards!
So, what's your preference? The French 32 card method, American full deck, signifacator or no, something you learned from online or something you learned from your friends or family?

I use a method based of how my great grandmother used to read as part of her rootwork, including "dressing" the deck with van van oil to bring good luck to anyone who handles the cards.


I doubt the full deck system is american since the french version that I learned has both methods, 32 and full deck. My mother used 32 cards while I used the full deck version.


I can't believe I forgot the french full deck...
I was referring to American full deck systems that don't really have names.


Cartomancy roll call...

hmmm I am just now getting back into Cartomancy and am not sure which way I should go with.. I know in Jr High I did the 7 x 7 just kind of vague definitions... So, right now basicely using bother as I explore? (rotten answer I know..sorry :( ) LOL


Hi, I use the Destiny Cards system popularized by Olney Richmond. I learned it from Robert Camp's 2 basic books and I also bought a Kindle ebook that covers love readings with it (Card Chemistry by Stefan G. Meyer). It's great for timing events and actions but has a handicap in that you'll need a person's birthdate or an event/organization's founding date to make any readings for them.


I was using a full-deck system back when I was learning from a book. My mother didn't learn enough from her mother to know anything about a system. I learned a 24-card Scandinavian system from a friend.

I need more information. :(

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I started using The Playing Card Oracles by Ana Cortez's.


I'm a fan of the Hedgewytchery system. I'm still learning it pretty much, but I love it. It's so deliciously pagan.


I started out with Deborah Leigh's Personal Prophecy Method. I am currently using Joseph Henderson's Magi Method

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