Cary-Yale-tarocchi. Sforza-impresa: fountain.


Ave readers,

I'm writing a thesis in order to graduate on the field of art history at Leiden university – and have been studying the three decks attributed to Bonifacio Bembo for many years. In Moakley and in Kaplan one reads concerning the Cary-Yale-tarocchi that 'the fountain' as found as a motiv on some of the cards should be considered as a Sforza-device, but I have never actually been able to find it anywhere, except for in the mentioned sources. The identification of 'the fountain' by the aforementioned writers as a Sforza-impresa would seem vital for the identification of the event as pictured in the Amor-card being a 'Visconti-Sforza-marriage', even though we still have 'the quince' as support for such a theory.
Anyone able to illuminate us here?

Kind regards,
vale Trismegistus.

(What I mean: I have actually not found one example – having studied the Visconti- and Sforza-imprese quite extensively, as found in their art and architecture – suggesting that 'the fountain' as an iconographical motiv was ever considered to be of any special significance to either one of these families)