HudsonGray said:
I think every cat owner gets to know intuitively every single 'noise' in the house. The worst one is the upchuck sound of the hairball regurgitation.

My cat has taken to sleeping on the top of my monitor, and when hairballs strike, she thoughtfully leaves them right on my desk. Isn't that nice of her? Makes them easy for me to find. ;)

But the worst noise -- to me at least -- is the noise I *don't* recognize! I can sit on the couch and ignore the sound of a cat trying to open a cabinet door or chasing a bottle cap around the floor, but a mystery noise MUST be investigated.


Sophie... you're a sweetheart :D

Helvetica said:
.....the Faery who was Kissed by the Pixies.

And this card happens to be my favorite in the deck.

As suggested in the book I found my favorite and my least favorite and really this was no. 1 :) :) :)

I am so happy, they were only joking (as I am getting the cat tomorrow and am going to pay quite a lot of money for him, not to mention all the equipment I had to buy too).



Oh wonderful - I'm excited for you :)

It would be lovely to see a photo of your new cat if you can.

Hope the waiting doesn't seem too long.



Your new addition sounds absolutely delightful! I hope you both have a marvelous life together. He saids very exotic, would love to see a photo of him too. I bet you bought him heaps of toys!! Enjoy your new, loving family member and companion..

Elven x


Thank you :D

Well... now he's here, and he is so wonderful (I will try to get a picture so you can see him).

I asked the faeries again what they thought now they had met him and got: The Piper :) :) :)
As Helvetica suggested I am sure they were only joking before...