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I'm very new to the Tarot so my question may sound silly but.....

When using reversals, is position 2 in the Celtic Cross (the card which is placed horiz. over card 1) read upright even if it comes out reversed? I read somewhere that position 2 is always interpreted as "normal". Any ideas?

BTW - This message board has been an awesome learning ground for me - so many of you have made the cards come alive!


- january


i don't read card 2 as a reversal. sometimes i get a sort of "negative" feeling from the card, but not neccesarily a reversal, but more like "opposition" for the question asked.

Rhiannon :)


Since the number 2 card is on it's side, it is impossible to read it as anything but neutral. (Is lying left Positive and right Negative?)

The second card sometimes confounds people. It is an influence mostly to the first card, even though sometimes it seems diametrically opposed. I look at the combination of the First and Second cards together and see how they conclude in the third card, which I consider an 'outcome' card.

{In my style of reading there are 3 outcome cards- card #3, #6, and #10. Sometimes these 3 cards are linked together - sometimes they seem to oppose each other.}


Thank you Rhiannon and Tarotbear!!

Yes, that second card is potentially confounding, isn't it? But it does make sense that if a card is turned how could it be "reversed"! Thanks for your suggestions and clarifications...

- january


What a great question January! and Tarotbear thanks for your ideas on this I think it will help me in future spreads. I have always just thought of it as an influence that affects ("crosses") card #1. By affect I never look at it as anything but neutral, but a something to pay attention to and look for. I had never thought of it in relation to card #3 specifically, but I will next Celtic Cross spread I do to see how that enhances my reading.

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New River

i read this crossing card as the energy coming in to either aide or oppose the situation. it is generally easy to tell which it is.

love, light and hope, New River