Celtic Dragon - 1 Magician

Soaring Eagle

Description: The Magician is at her altar which has a chalice, candle, and incense placed upon the surface. She has been reading a book, and has a dragon-topped wand in her left hand.

Significant Details: The magician’s wand is her connection to her subconscious and supersubconscious minds. It is also used to draw energy and knowledge. The green celtic designs in her robe signify balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. The partial dragons signify that she is learning to connect psychically

My Interpretation: This is a time to use your faith and willpower to get what you need or desire. This is a good time to choose a new spiritual or career path. This is also a good time to learn self-control

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What is the book the magician is holding? Is it a book of shadows? Or is it a book of enlightenment? She obviously knows the dragons are there. Will they appear fully? Or will they only stay half-formed until her spiritual knowledge is more advanced?

Intuitive Story: I am standing at my altar, attempting to draw the energy and knowledge necessary to continue on my spiritual path. As I am reading from my book of shadows I sense a presence. I can see misty shapes forming. What/who are they? These are my new spiritual guides, I can sense it.
I get a sense of comfort and of encouragement. As I stand there watching, the shapes are forming into dragons. I am not scared. I know they mean me no harm. They have come to assist me along my journey. They start offering me words of encouragement, and insights into what I have been studying. They don’t tell me the answers, they state that I must find my own way, they can only offer options for my consideration.
As the time passes, I study my book of shadows. There are passages that are now clearer to me. I have a better understanding of myself and the path I am on. As if sensing that I am growing tired, the dragons start to disappear. Before I know it, there is only one left. This dragon tells me that I must rest now, but that all of the dragons are within my reach when I need them. I have but to ask.
When the last dragon has gone, I realize that I am tired. I feel exhausted, physically and mentally. Before leaving my sacred space, I thank the dragons, and leave them an offering. I will continue my studies tomorrow, and I now know that my dragon guides will always be close to me.