Celtic Dragon - 10 Wheel

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a dragon claw holding a book open for us to read. On the left page there is a wheel with eight spokes. On the right page it says “The Grimoire of Life. The Wheel Turns. Learn to ride with dragons.” Below the words there is a celtic symbol. In front of the book is an ink well and feather quill.

Significant Details: The wheel signifies life’s turns, its ups and downs. The celtic symbol is symbolizing fate. The feather quill symbolizes truth.

My Interpretation: You are facing a time of changes, or it is time to make changes. This is a time of luck and fate.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: How do we mind the positive meanings in the downs of the wheel? Why is it so hard to find a positive when we are down? Our lives are like a wheel, thus after every down we WILL have an up.

Intuitive Story: After I have rested in the Hermit’s cave, the Hermit opens a book and shows me what it says. “The Grimoire of Life. The Wheel Turns. Learn to ride with dragons”. I ask him what this means, and he just smiles at me. After a minute or two he tells me that this will mean different things to different people, and that I must mind my own meaning. He suggests that I find a nice secluded spot to sit and ponder this, as this will help me on my journey.

I thank him, and tell him that I will continue my journey, but that I will take time to ponder what he has shown me in the book. After walking my path for a while, I come upon a nice secluded spot of my own. My spiritual guides have gone to explore, leaving me to ponder what the Hermit showed me. “The Grimoire of Life”, well that is a book of life. I understand that. “The Wheel Turns.” Don’t all wheels turn? What can this mean? After a while of meditating on this, I come to the conclusion that this means that there will be ups and downs in life. Life is constantly changing. We were in yesterday, are in today, and will be in tomorrow. “Learn to ride with dragons.” This must mean that I need to accept the advice offered by my spiritual guides, and take all things into consideration before making a hasty decision. Dragons also fly as the wheel turns. That is to say that they fly up, fly down, fly in circles. They don’t fly straight as an arrow. I need to accept the hardships that come my way, as they will make me stronger.

Wow, the Hermit was right. I had to find my own meanings. If he had just told me this, I may have had doubts, but now I am certain what it all means. I will remember this advice, and pass it on, but not with my definitions as everyone must determine what it means to them personally


I like the phrase "learn to ride with dragons". I also like the idea of the book on this card. The wheel is like a good story, we don't always knows what comes next. The ink and feather are there, at our disposal, if we want to add something in the book, to makes it more complete, to add our experience. That, also, is something that I like.