Celtic Dragon - 12 Hanged Man

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are ten dragons on ledges on either side of a waterfall. There is a man hanging by his left foot from a vine.

Significant Details: The waterfall represents life force. The dragons represent elemental forces.

My Interpretation: The answer to an obstacle is within your reach, if you look within yourself. You are in a period of suspended activity or indecision.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Why does the man hang there, not doing anything? If he were to open his eyes, he would see the dragons are there to help him.

Intuitive Story: As I was walking along my path, not paying attention to the warnings from my spiritual guides, I got my foot tangled in a vine. As I was attempting to free myself, I fell over the edge of the cliff. I am afraid to move, lest I fall. Why haven’t my guides come to my rescue? What are they waiting for? I have my eyes closed, afraid to open them because I am afraid of heights.

After a very long time, my head feels as if it will explode. I am anxious now. How much longer can this vine hold me? When will help arrive to rescue me? I can hear water rushing behind me, and now I need to relieve myself, but NOT until I’m rescued. It is this need that causes me to open my eyes.

There are dragons on the ledges on either side of me. They are sitting there watching me. Why have they not helped me, offered me support? As I hang there, I finally draw up the courage to ask for help, and a blue dragon tells me that all I must do is to search inside myself to find the answer to my problem.

I am still scared, but I do think on what would be the best way out of this problem, especially as no one is coming to rescue me. I decide to reach up to my foot, and grab the vine. As I start pulling myself up the vine, I get encouragement and strength from the dragons. The blue dragon tells me that he knew I could do it, but I had to learn how to rescue myself by looking within to find the answer. What would I have learned if he had only helped me? I would always rely on others to help me out of my problems. To continue on my path, I must first learn to look within and trust my intuition


The dragons are watching. They seems very attentive. Are they the guardians of the place? The person is a lucky one (if it's an accident). We don't see his visage, so we don't know if s/he scared or not. It's a big and narrow waterfall.

Soaring Eagle

My opinion is that they were drawn to this place by the man's indecision. The fact that he is unwilling to ask for help when it is there beside him, or to help himself. He merely hangs there waiting for someone to notice him.