Celtic Dragon - 14 Temperance

Soaring Eagle

Description: Three dragons are coiling/spiraling in the sky creating strands of spiritual energy. The sky also has spirals appearing.

Significant Details: The blue dragon signifies emotions; the red dragon signifies life energies; the green dragon signifies mental energies. The figure eight signifies eternal life. The spirals in the sky signify creation-destruction.

My Interpretation: This is a time of creativity, of gaining new perspectives. This is also a good time to work on self-control to help you get past any obstacles. A trip may give you new perspectives.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What has drawn these three dragons together to create this magical display in the sky?

Intuitive Story: In the morning I leave the cave where I have spent the night. As I continue my journey I ponder the meanings of my dreams.

Around mid-day my attention is drawn to the sky. There is something magical moving in the sky. I want to run closer before it disappears, but my inner-voice tells me to use my self-control and keep walking. It is so hard for me to obey, but I know that my inn-voice is right.

As I draw nearer, I notice that the magical disturbance in the sky is actually three dragons coiling in the sky, creating strands of spiritual energies. As I come closer, I notice that there are spiral designs in the sky. I am awed at the sight before my eyes. It is so beautiful and magical.

As I continue my journey, I ponder what I can learn from these dragons. My inner-voice tells me that I have already learned one lesson, that of self-control. Now I must learn to use my creativity to gain new perspectives.


I agree with self-control. They possess it to do a figure like that. It's like the elite pilots who do great feats in the sky (or any body else who do precision work). They do a beautiful figure.