Celtic Dragon - 16 Tower

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are two black chaos dragons seen circling a rock tower that is breaking apart. The dragons are breathing fire as they circle the tower. The sky is stormy, with forks of lightning. The clouds show the presence of a light source just touching the edges.

Significant Details: The tower symbolizes our beliefs, and in this instance, the overblown human ego, vaunting pride, and refusal to take action on a circumstance. The light in the clouds symbolizes the spiritual energy that is always near us. The spirals upon the rocks symbolize creation-destruction.

My Interpretation: You witness or experience a shocking event that leaves you changed. Potential catastrophe is near; be prepared. Your life is complicated by discord in a relationship or the family. Unforeseen setbacks bring despondency and a period of frustration. Your dreams may disintegrate into ashes.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Why do these dragons not leave this area? Why do they stay?

Intuitive Story: As I have continued my spiritual journey, my path leads me very close to a stone tower where I can see two black dragons circling and breathing fire. The tower is breaking apart, and there are pieces of the tower falling to the base and scattering to distant parts.

I am scared as I watch this display, and the sky is very dark, threatening. I feel as if I should seek shelter, but I am drawn to watch this tower and the dragons. Lightning is forking through the sky, and I get a sense of a divine presence. Why do these dragons not leave this area? Why do they stay?

After a while, I feel that I must continue my journey. I feel the need to ponder over the event that I have witnessed. This tower was obviously very special to the dragons. My inner-voice tells me that the tower represents their beliefs, pride, and egoish desires. Wow, this is a lot to ponder. I will think on this as I continue to walk


To me, the dragons seems to feel the electricity in the air and maybe the storm coming too. I remember that my first grade teacher was always saying that a storm was approaching when we were unruly. The dragons seems to feel something intensively. They trying to let it out the best they can.

Soaring Eagle

I tend to think of the dragons in this card almost like the people in the last card. The difference being that the dragons in the Tower card know that change is happening, but don't stop it where as in the Chains card, the people don't want to acknowledge change.

This card also brought feelings of despair. The change is here whether the dragons want it or not, and it can be disturbing to have your beliefs, and egoish desires torn down before you. They are fighting this change, but there is no stopping it.