Celtic Dragon - 18 Moon

Soaring Eagle

Description: A dragon is dancing upon some roots in a barren landscape. There is a large full moon behind the dragon in the night sky.

Significant Details: The roots represent past lives. The full moon signifies illusions, dreams, magic.

My Interpretation: You may be acting on impulse, not thinking things through. Do not allow negative thinking to divert you from your path. During this time you may experience vivid dreams, write them down and think on what they mean to you.

Intuitive Story: As the full moon is shining brightly in the night sky, I have decided to continue my journey, and see where the moon leads me. After walking for some time, I come upon a dragon dancing on some roots in the barren landscape that I am passing through. She is so very beautiful, not only in her color, but in her dance. She is combining art and magic.

I am very drawn to her. What is she dancing for? I don’t know her reason, but her dance draws my attention the longer I stand there and watch her. She is very sure-footed upon those uneven roots. She doesn’t stumble or fall, but dances as if unaware of an audience. I make no sound as I watch her, so as not to disturb her ritual.

When she has completed her dance, she comes near me. I ask her why she was dancing, and she tells me that the roots represent past lives, and she must dance upon them to see the truth behind each one. This dragon is fascinating, and we talk more about her dance, and how it applies to life.


The dragon remind me of a seahorse. A lot of white. It would be great to see some touch of silver, I think it will make this card even more stunning and add some contrast. The dragon is very absorbed by his action. He seems to be in a Tai Chi position.