Celtic Dragon - 2 High Priestess

Soaring Eagle

Description: The High Priestess stands between two dragons, on a white Dragon of Light and the other a black Dragon of Chaos. Both dragons are breathing steam from their nostrils. The High Priestess holds a glowing staff in her left hand and a shining ball of light in her right hand. There is a white mist covering the bottom of the card and it looks as if it is spiraling around the High Priestess.

Significant Details: The crescent moon on her headband signifies the life cycles. The dragon-topped staff signifies her connection to the spirit realm. The glowing crystal ball is used to glimpse the future. The dragons symbolize opposites: light & dark, male & female, positive & negative.

My Interpretation: You need to maintain balance in your life. Remain calm and use your inner wisdom to assist you.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What is causing the mist to swirl? The High Priestess is calm and wise as she looks into the crystal ball. Her powers are growing, but she is still learning. Will she be able to maintain the necessary balance?

Intuitive Story: I have been meditating and when I open my eyes, the High Priestess is in front of me. I am confused. The High Priestess speaks softly and tells me not to be frightened, to come closer. Her staff and her crystal ball are glowing brightly, providing the only source of light.

As I near the High Priestess, two dragons appear behind her. The High Priestess tells me that she has brought me to this place so that she can show me what I must learn. She is calm while speaking, although I can sense that she is maintaining a balance between the two dragons.

The High Priestess has much wisdom, and we speak at length about many things. She tells me that I must leave, but first she reminds me that I must try and maintain a balanced life.

I am not aware of closing my eyes, but when I open them again, I am in my meditation area. I quickly journal all that the High Priestess has told me. Before leaving, I leave an offering for her.