Celtic Dragon - 21 World

Soaring Eagle

Description: A man and a woman are seen, each holding a dragon topped-wand. There are eight dragons seen around the two people. In the sky are celtic symbols and stars.

Significant Details: The wands signify willpower. The celtic symbols represent unending primordial matter and movement of energy. The stars represent spiritual guides and teachers. The dragons represent the ability to conquer all obstacles.

My Interpretation: Everything is going right for you. You need to cut away all the dead wood and begin a new path in life. This is a good time to achieve your goals. You are entering a period of success in all areas of your life. New opportunities arrive.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The magicians have completed their journey from The Fool to The World. Where will they go from here?


The couple are amazed by what they are seeing. They look around them and maybe the memory of this moment will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The dragons are of various length, so they probably at various stages of growth. The wands seems to glow, as if they had been activated and in full power.