Celtic Dragon - 3 Empress

Soaring Eagle

Description: The pregnant empress is in a wooded area, her back to a large tree. Her blue gown and red robe are turning to water. There is a dragon on a ledge close to her, hatching its eggs. On her shoulder is a small dragon, her familiar and aid to the spiritual realm. The Empress is holding a bouquet of red roses in her hands.

Significant Details: The red robe and roses signify the blood of life; life, death, and rebirth. The green dragon on her shoulder signifies spiritual growth, prosperity, and renewal.

My Interpretation: This is a time of creativity and growth. This is also a time for love and showing affections. You may meet/renew a friendship or love interest. This is also a good time to plan and make commitments for your financial security.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What are the Empress and the white dragon talking about? Are they discussing their impending motherhood? Are they sharing ideas/secrets?

Intuitive Story: I am the Empress. I have come to this secluded area to ponder my impending motherhood. I have not come alone; I brought my spiritual guide with me. He is a small green dragon who rides upon my shoulder.

Along the way to this secluded spot, I gathered a bouquet of red roses. As I reach a ledge, I spot a white dragon hatching her eggs. As we become acquainted, I rest, leaning into a tree. I feel grounded, refreshed by the support offered by the tree. My new friend and I talk at length about motherhood, and share some secrets we have learned along the way.

It is not until the sun begins to set that I feel ready to leave. I have enjoyed my visit to this secluded spot, and made a new friend. Before I leave, I gift my bouquet of roses to my new friend, and promise to return