Celtic Dragon - 4 Emperor

Soaring Eagle

Description: The emperor is seated upon a rock in a garden area. There is a large blue dragon directly behind him. Two small children play with two small dragons.

Significant Details: The brown in his tunic symbolizes his “earthiness” or groundedness. The gold in his pants symbolizes his spirituality. His sword represents justice and leadership.

My Interpretation: You may have more responsibilities during this time, or have to face up to your responsibilities. You may move into a more powerful position or a leadership role in your job. Justice is prevalent during this time. Make sure you are doing things as you should.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This card speaks of Justice, Responsibility, Leadership, and Power. How can we apply these things to our everyday lives?

Intuitive Story: I close my eyes and start to meditate. I ask my guides to show me what I must know. When I open my eyes, I am in a garden. Everything smells fresh and new. The emperor is seated upon a rock with a large blue dragon directly behind him. The children run up to greet me and welcome me to this sacred space.

The Emperor tells me to come forward and he will tell me what I must know. I slowly walk towards him, enjoying the sights, sounds and scents in this sacred place. As the birds are singing, the Emperor begins to talk to me of leadership and justice. He tells me that these two things are very important and that I must learn to apply them to my everyday life. After some time, we start to talk of responsibility. The Emperor states that I must face all of my responsibilities and learn to use my responsibility wisely.

We talk at length, and finally he says that it is time to go. I close my eyes, and when next I open them, I am back in my meditation area. I journal everything that the Emperor has told me, and leave an offering to him before I leave my meditation area