Celtic Dragon - 7 Chariot

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are two dragons seen on a mountain peak holding a crystal ball. One is a blue dragon with scales and wings like a bird; the other is an orange dragon with smooth skin and wings like a bat. There is a spiraling vortex behind the dragons in the sky with a white center, followed by orange and blue. Three small dragons are seen coming towards us at the bottom of the card, away from the two large dragons. There are also three small dragons at the top of the card, who are coming closer to the two larger dragons.

Significant Details: The small dragons represent life events that are attracted to a harmonious balance. The high mountains represent the gateway to the spirit realm.

My Interpretation: This is a time to maintain balanced control of the situations that arise. You may achieve success if you remain confident and centered. In order to accomplish your goals, you will need to combine opposing forces.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What is the spiralling vortex seen behind the two large dragons? Is is the spirit realm opening to them?

Intuitive Story: I am a small green dragon. I have flown up to the top of this mountain peak, attracted by the harmonious balance of these two very different large dragons. They are so very different, yet they easily maintain balance on this rocky mountain top. How I want to learn what they have learned, so that I may one day do the same, on my own mountain top.

After a while, I and several other smaller dragons fly away. We must return to our studies if we are to achieve what these two large dragons have achieved. As we fly away, we notice that other smaller dragons are nearing, they have also been drawn by this harmonious balance.

As we look back we notice that there is a giant spiraling vortex opening behind the two large dragons. They have achieved their goal, and will be allowed a glimpse of what they must know. How very lucky they are.


I like the study group! I haven't seen this was a crystal. I was thinking it was the sun, even if the sky is black. I was feeling the two dragons tried to determined if one of them is stronger (maybe they are cooperation for a common goal too). The young dragons are flying around as to look at a rare event. Maybe the two dragons are realizing they set something right.

Soaring Eagle

I'm glad you like the study group. :)

I definately feel the dragons are cooperating. They have balancing life events, thus are able to open the spirit realm (represented by the spiraling vortex behind them.