Celtic Dragon - 8 Strength

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a large red-orange dragon with it’s wings open, breathing steam at a young woman. The woman is standing upon two rocks, perfectly balanced, and is gently touching the dragon under its jaw. She is looking up into the dragon’s eyes with a look of determination. There are several small dragons at the woman’s feet.

Significant Details: The large dragon is the guardian to the pass to the spirit realm and is there to test people seeking to pass. The small dragons are the woman’s spiritual guides. Her yellow dress is a symbol of concentration and her green robe is a symbol of her spiritual growth. The red rose in her hand is a symbol of love and of her accomplishments on her spiritual path.

My Interpretation: This is a time to use your inner-strength to achieve your goals. You need to concentrate, be courageous, when facing difficulties in your path. This is a time to have confidence in yourself.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Below the trees, it looks as if there is a cave. Is that the dragon's home?

Intuitive Story: I and my spirit guides (several small dragons) have been climbing a mountain path in order to reach the gateway to the spirit realm. As we come around a corner, there is a large red-orange dragon blocking the path. My spirit guides offer me words of encouragement, but tell me that I must pass this test alone in order to proceed.

My way has not been easy on this path. I have had to pass many obstacles. I carry the red rose that was given to me after facing my last obstacle. I am determined to pass, so I slowly approach the large dragon. As I near, he starts breathing steam. I gather all of my courage and reach out to touch his jaw as I look into his eyes. I try to communicate to him all that I have learned on my journey, and my desire to continue on my way.

After what feels like an eternity, but is really only minutes, he steps aside so that I may continue. I am relieved, but also exhausted from this test. I draw on my remaining inner-strength as my spirit guides and I continue along this path.


The woman seems to care for the dragon. Maybe the golden dragon have a cold (well into season over here (-; ). The woman seems to be an allied or a friend of dragons. None of the dragons (big and small) are in a defensive position.

Soaring Eagle

I think the woman definately cares for dragons, as the smaller dragons are her spiritual guides on her path. She is trying to communicate, with a gentle touch, to the large dragon. The large dragon is also reaching out and touching her skirt, thereby forming a connection with her.