Celtic Dragon - Ace of Pentacles

Soaring Eagle

Description: Three baby dragons are hatching. Their nest is entangled in tree roots on a cliff edge, and there is a five-pointed star below the nest.

Significant Details: This card symbolizes the Earth Egg, or pool of physical possibilities, the new energies awakening to a new cycle of experiences. The leaves represent joy and happiness. The trees represent life events. The rocks represent stability. The vine represents fertility of thought, word, and deed. The star represents protection. The mountain in the distance represents the gateway to the spiritual realm.

My Interpretation: You are entering a new cycle, a new beginning. This is a time of material success; it may signify a profitable career. There are solid opportunities ahead of you.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The baby dragons are newly hatching, bursting forth into a new life. We must all learn to open ourselves to new beginnings (Ace) and changes(2).

Intuitive Story: I have started a journey to help me find my material success. I am walking a long a forest path, enjoying the scenery when I notice a nest of newly hatching baby earth dragons. Their nest is on a ledge, and is surrounded by tree roots. Below their nest, I can see a five-pointed star engraved on the wall of the ledge.

These baby dragons remind me of the beginning of my journey. They remind me that we all start out fresh and new, and grow into our successes. We must find our path, and follow it if we wish to gain success instead of failure.

I watch the baby dragons emerging from their shells, admiring how they push forth. They are discovering a new world, just as I hope to discover a new world before my feet. I must continue my journey.


The baby dragon must be careful because their nest is high and small but they have security. The roots can help them to go on the ground, on the road. This card is really down to earth, even if there isn't any garden. It's the ground where we can walk and where things grow,even if there only trees on certain places.