Celtic Dragon - Ace of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a newly hatched baby dragon on top of an egg roaring, a baby dragon just hatching from an egg, holding a crystal-topped wand, and you can see a baby dragon peering out from a shell that is breaking apart. There is a rainbow in the background. The nest is made of crystals.

Significant Details: The crystal nest symbolizes the internal “hatching ground” where desires and ideas come together to produce the energy and enthusiasm needed to manifest material results. The crystal-topped wand signifies concentrated spiritual energy. The rainbow is the bridge between the material and etheric worlds. The baby dragons represent new beginnings.

My Interpretation: This is a good time to make a fresh start, new beginnings, and new ideas. You may need to use your courage to face the changes that are coming during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This is a card of joy, of birthing, and new beginnings. Sometimes we fear the changes that come our way, but with courage, we can accept them and turn them into something joyous.

Intuitive Story: I have been climbing a mountainous region, and as I continue my climb, I hear a gentle roaring. I am drawn to this sound, I want to know more. As I round a corner, I see there is a crystal nest with baby dragons hatching. One is fully hatched, and roaring in delight at his freedom. One baby dragon is just emerging from his shell, and he is holding a crystal-topped wand in one paw. The third egg is breaking apart, but the baby dragon doesn’t seem ready to come out of his shell yet.

I maintain my distance, so as not to frighten the baby dragons. As I am looking around for the mother dragon, I notice that there is a rainbow close to this area. It is gorgeous, and gives me a feeling of found treasures. That is what I have found, this nest with it’s newly hatching babies is a treasure to view.

I wonder why the third baby doesn’t want to hatch. Is he scared of this new transformation? He will eventually come out, whether he wants to or not, as this is a necessary change, and his shell won’t protect him much longer. The shell is already breaking apart.

As I watch the baby dragons, I think back on my life. I have had many new beginnings, and some of them I didn’t think I would have the courage to face, but face them I did. This has caused me to feel some very powerful emotions. I feel that my presence is not needed here, so I continue on my climb, all the while thinking of these baby dragons, and of the changes I have experienced throughout my life.


Maybe the one still in the shell want to be cautious, to look around. Maybe those dragons are like some reptiles, being on their own as they hatched.