Celtic Dragon - Eight of Cups

Soaring Eagle

Description: A woman is walking through a forest. She passes eight chalices left beside a pond with two water dragons. She is emerging into the sunshine.

Significant Details: The cups represent riches. The dragons represent balanced emotions and contentment.

My Interpretation: You may lack discipline to stick to any one thing during this time, thus goals are abandoned too soon. You may be refusing to take responsibility, thus you will be discontent and unhappy.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The woman didn't even notice the cups placed by the pond. She has chosen to ignore them and the water dragons that could help her. Maybe this comes back to the 7(Daydreams) meaning that she is still lost in her daydreams and hasn't disciplined herself yet to notice the riches she is passing. Looking at the 9(Wishes Granted) it could also be saying that she's lost in her thoughts and only thinking about the wishes she wants granted.


She seems to be traveling. Or she is a healer. There is a kind of purse that she have on her. Maybe she had seen the cups and the dragons and maybe they couldn't help her in what she is needed. The way the card is drawn, it gives me the impression she need something that lies further on.

I must say that I like reading your post, Soaring Eagle! I haven't saw it your way!

Soaring Eagle

Thank you so much. I just write what I see. To me, it is fun to see how others see the same cards. I really enjoy reading your comments.