Celtic Dragon - Eight of Swords

Soaring Eagle

Description: A woman is seen bound by simple knots. The window has 8 swords hanging down from it, but the woman does not see that she can easily escape, if she chooses to. Outside the window, the tower is covered in dying vines. There is a large fire dragon looking in the window at the woman.

Significant Details: The swords represent wounding. The vines represent fertility, as they are dying they represent dying fertility.

My Interpretation: A turn of events or your own indecision leaves you feeling bound and restricted. You are afraid to leave an unpleasant relationship or job. There is the possibility of illness.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As I line up the 7(Failure), 8(Indecision), and 9(Sadness), I notice that our past failures may lead to indecision, and following this indecision we will experience a time of sadness.

We all have times that we can't see that we hold the key to our happiness. We can choose to end a bad situation, or, by our indecision we choose to remain in the same bad situation. All we need to do is look at what is right in front of us, but many times, we feel blinded by the bad situations we are in.

Intuitive Story: As I am leaving the castle in the late evening, I notice that there is a fire dragon looking into a tower window. I go nearer to the dragon to see what he is looking at. Up in the window, I can see a woman standing bound. There are eight swords hanging down from the window. The woman doesn’t seem to realize that she has the chance to escape.

I wonder why she does not look directly in front of her. Maybe she has been captive for a long time, and isn’t even aware that the swords do not block her escape. The dragon is whispering words of encouragement to the woman, yet she doesn’t look at him. It’s as if she is blinded by her captivity.

As I draw nearer, I notice that the knots that bind her are very simple, and are loose. This woman holds the key to her freedom, but just stands at the window, asking the dragon to help her. The dragon looks at me, and tells me that she must save herself. He is not allowed to interfere in the lesson that this woman must learn.


There is a dragon that seems to keep the swords lifted. He is small and not too visible in the light coming from the cell. The woman seems very depressed. The imprisonment seems to had been hard on her. Now, her prison seems to be in her mind. Maybe she wanted a knight in a shining armor to save her and do all the work of liberating her. The big dragon seems almost to kiss her lightly.