Celtic Dragon - Five of Pentacles

Soaring Eagle

Description: A man and a woman are going in different directions. There are three large earth dragons in astral form and two small earth dragons between the two people. There are five broken discs on the ground.

Significant Details: The broken discs signify broken lives, friendships, cooperation, and/or love built between two people.

My Interpretation: This is a time of loss and unpleasant differences. You may face a crisis in a relationship. This may also be a time of money troubles.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: When lining up the cards, I notice that Greed (4) leads us to Loss(5), which in turn leads us to our Just Rewards(6). Maybe this is suggesting that we should be careful with our feelings or we may suffer for them in the physical world.


Maybe there no longer connection nor chemistry between them. At least, they don't fight at each other, they just part way. The man doesn't turn back to the woman. The woman is looking at the man but she doesn't do anything to follow him. There only the dragons in the sky that show emotions. Is it how the human couple feel?