Celtic Dragon - Five of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: Five magicians are battling with their wands. Some are attacking, some are defending; all around there are flashes of magical energy. Four air dragons are seen flying around the magicians.

Significant Details: The tiny air dragons represent the astral guardians who try to bring peace to situations such as this one. The rocks and tree roots symbolize life’s difficulties.

My Interpretation: You may face obstacles and opposition during this time. You will have to struggle to overcome these obstacles. This is a period where there is a lot of competitiveness and jealousy close to you. You may have a lot of stress during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Success and jealousy are often times the causes of great disruptions in our lives. When I lined up the 4(Success), 5 (Opposition), and 6(Victory) I noticed that after having achieved success you may face opposition by others who are jealous. But if you can remain a firm footing on your success, you will eventually reach victory.

Intuitive Story: After leaving the castle by the ocean, I continue my journey. I have been protected in this castle, but it is time for me to find my own path. I walk along a very rough, rocky terrain. The full moon is in the sky, giving me a sense of security, and providing the only light on my journey.

As I walk, I start to hear noises coming from in front of me. As I near the source of these noises, I can see flashes of light. There are small air dragons flying around, and I can now make out five magicians battling with their wands. I do not wish to get too near these angry people, and make a wide path to avoid the confrontation. I take refuge behind a large boulder, until the fighting ends.

I can hear the words being said by the magicians. It is obvious that a couple of the magicians have had great success, and the others were jealous, and tried to take what the successful magicians had. Oh, how very sad, all of this turmoil for jealousy. How can people allow their jealousy to surge so powerfully that they would try to harm others?

I wait for a long while, and finally I can hear no more noises. The battle has ended. I quickly leave the are before anyone can notice that I am there.


I always saw this card as an competition. This card isn't a big competition were everyone are against every one. There are two groups. Maybe they are measuring their strength. The dragons are spitting their flames. Maybe they let out their stress or surplus of energy...

Soaring Eagle

It is more of opposition. Someone trying to take what you have achieved/accomplished. This card really brought out jealousy, atleast for me. But I suppose that jealousy could be classified competition. You are right. :)

I just see a very sad, troubling battle over jealousy. To me, I am saddened by this card.