Celtic Dragon - Four of Cups

Soaring Eagle

Description: A woman is sitting staring into a cup. On the table are three empty cups, one of them tipped on its side spilling its contents. There are also four small water dragons on the table.

Significant Details: The empty cups represent false memories. The dragons represent love, companionship, and emotional abundance.

My Interpretation: You may find yourself caught up in old memories, maybe remembering things falsely to suit your mood. You may be dissatisfied with a relationship or job; before taking any action, step back and look at the problem.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Looking at the 3(Success), 4(Dissatisfaction), and 5(Negative Events) I believe the cards tell me that after we achieve success, we can be drawn into old memories, and possibly face negative events.

We can avoid the dissatisfaction by not allowing ourselves to overthink the negative events of our pasts. We need to look around us to notice the love that surrounds us all.

Intuitive Story: I am sitting at a table thinking over all of my problems. What has led me to where I am now? Could it all have started so very long ago? I wonder. Maybe it all started with this one memory. I try to remember it correctly, but my memories are tainted. I can feel it. As I try to think on one past event, all I can remember is what went wrong, I can’t think of the good things in this memory. I am lost. Even my memories change to suit my mood.

I am lost in tainted memories. There is no way out. I will be stuck here forever.


The little dragon are curious but they won't be playful for long, I think. They may end up being bored by the table and cups. The woman doesn't seems interested in the little dragons. She seems lost in her thoughts. Maybe she have a problem. Maybe she want to forget. In either case, she neglect what is around her.