Celtic Dragon - Four of Pentacles

Soaring Eagle

Description: A woman is holding four golden discs to her, while a large earth dragon and three small earth dragons show their displeasure.

Significant Details: The small dragons represent the conscious mind. The woman’s hair represents her personal power and fertile energies. The chain in her hair symbolizes binding, a loss.

My Interpretation: You, or someone close to you, may have an unhealthy grasping control of finances, may be very money oriented. You may receive gifts or an inheritance soon.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: After attaining satisfaction(3) for our efforts, we may find ourselves in a period of greed(4), thus we will face losses(5) in the future.

Intuitive Story: As I look around the castle, I notice a set of stairs going down. I am urged to follow these stairs, and can hear a noise coming from below. I’m not scared by the noises that I hear, but I know that someone or something is very unhappy.

As I step off the stairway, I can see light coming from an open doorway. As I near the doorway, I see a young woman holding four golden discs to her chest. There is a large earth dragon, and three small earth dragons screaming their displeasure at the woman. She has taken what she has not earned. The woman looks very set upon taking the discs, while the small dragons try to make her see sense.

I think I have learned another lesson on my journey. That one must not take what is not theirs. You must earn your rewards, not just feel that you have a right to a reward just because you found it laying in front of you. I make a mental note to remember this.


She keep her pentacles to herself but she look defiant, stubborn and full of pride. Maybe she want to prove her point, even if she is wrong. There seem to be more than just keeping the pentacles to herself. I like that. There seems to be motivation in her action even if she may be wrong.


In order for any energy (including money) to be of use it needs to be in motion. This woman seems very indignant to me. She seems to have an attitude like "I did the work to earn this and I'm not going to let it go." She has either forgotten or failed to see that (if we are using money as an example) in order for her money to have any value it needs to change hands. A person could be sitting on a pile of gold but if he never uses it then it does no good. It is stagnant.

This card seems to warn against hording. Storing the energy to be used at a later time is fine as long as there is intent to use it.