Celtic Dragon - Four of Swords

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a woman sleeping next to a large fire dragon. On the path in front of them are four swords.

Significant Details: The spirals on the rocks represent unlimited energy. The swords represent the four elements as well as strength and defense.

My Interpretation: This is a time to contemplate on where you want your life to go. You may feel like resting before moving on to a period of more activity. Your physical energy may be at a low point during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: When I place the 3(Emotional Upheaval), the 4(Rest), and the 5(Stress) in front of me, they tell me that after periods of emotional upheaval, we need to take time to rest and recuperate our strength, or we may be led into periods of greater stress.

Intuitive Story: I have continued my journey up into the mountains. My spiritual guide, a golden fire dragon has joined me on my journey. He has sensed my emotional upset, and has offered his support. At his urging, I lay down to rest. I know nothing will happen to me with him at my side.

He has placed four swords, representing the four elements, on the ground in front of us. He says they will help balance my emotions so that I can rest. Although he is curled up beside me, he is ever watchful, and notices that I move as I sleep.

After this brief rest, he gathers the four swords, and I continue on my journey. I know my spiritual guide will always be at my side when I have need of him


It's a card for me. There are days where I need to rest. They both look peaceful and resting well. A good beauty sleep does marvel!