Celtic Dragon - Four of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a castle with a square tower in front. On each of the 3 corners seen are candle-topped wands. There is a large dragon holding a fourth wand and two people (embracing) seen on the top of the tower. The rocks beside the tower have faces on them. There is a third person walking along the beach.

Significant Details: The faces in the rocks signify “bleak landscapes of difficult lives”. The clearing storm clouds signal the end of a difficult period. The castle signifies a secure fortress where love and life can grow, and where problems can be shut out.

My Interpretation: One cycle ending, signifying the start of a new cycle, possibly a change of directions. Happiness and success are within your grasp. A new love is now possible.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As I line up the 3(Harmony), 4(Success), and 5(Opposition) I notice that the story the cards tell is that after accomplishing harmony within onesself, you can accomplish success, but that others who are jealous of your success can create opposition for you.

Intuitive Story: As I continue up the beach, I can see a castle high up on the rocks. As I near the castle, I can make out a large dragon sitting on top of a square tower. When I come even closer, I can see that three of the corners have crystal-topped wands, and the dragon is also holding a crystal-topped wand. There are two people, a man and a woman, close to the dragon.

After all of the energy and harmony I felt on the beach earlier, I get a sense of accomplishment upon reaching this castle. It is as if this is where I was meant to reach. The dragon invites me to join them on the tower. He tells me how to reach the tower, and it is not long before I have joined them.

The dragon tells me that I am safe here; nothing can get to me that I do not want to. He states that I can rest now, before I continue on my journey. I can already feel that changes are coming. I am ready to rest and enjoy myself for a while before I continue on my path.


If the castle was starting to fall apart, I would say it would be a great setting for a gothic novel. The location, the moon and the weather are really in a gothic setting. The dragon is protective and the couple seems to be happily reunited and relived. Maybe it's an ending that end well...

Soaring Eagle

It does almost seem like a fairytale ending doesn't it. I absolutely love this card. It is just so.....fairytale.