Celtic Dragon - Nine of Swords

Soaring Eagle

Description: A man is sitting on a rock, holding his head in despair. There are nine broken swords at his feet forming a semi-circle. There are rocks all around the swords. Two fire dragons sit perched upon the same rock as the man. Their heads forming a heart shape.

Significant Details: The clothes signify the physical life. The wands symbolize strength, as they are broken, they signify broken strength. The sunset is representing life energies.

My Interpretation: You may face a time of sadness, depression. This could also signify that you will suffer an illness. If you look around you, you will notice that you are loved, and that you have the energy to get past the difficulties you face.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As I line up the 8(Indecision), 9(Sadness), and 10(Disruption), I notice that our own indecision or fear can lead us to periods of great depression, and that this in turn will lead to periods of disruption in our lives.

Intuitive Story: As I continue my journey, and leave the castle behind, I ponder on the woman’s situation. It is not long before I come to a rocky terrain, thus my journey will be delayed as I watch my footing. As I am crossing this hazardous terrain, I feel very lonely. My spiritual guide has left me, saying that I don’t need him for this part of my journey.

I am saddened that I could not have company, but I notice two fire dragons farther ahead of me, so I start towards them. As I come nearer, I can see that there is also a man sitting on the large rock, between the two dragons. He is holding his head in his hands, as if in great misery. There are nine broken swords lying in a semi-circle in front of him.

The dragons are offering comforting words to the man, yet he doesn’t seem to hear them. He is lost in his own despair. I don’t feel that I can help this man, as I too am feeling saddened at this moment. I could not offer him the comfort that the two fire dragons are offering him. I decide that I must continue my journey, but as I travel, I think back on this moment. I have never felt a hurt such as the one this man feels, but now I know what it is.


The man have reach the bottom. He really look depressed. His hands are on his face. Maybe he fee shame. He want to be lonely, not being brave enough to face the world. His friends dragons are near him. They gives comfort by their presence but they look sad. Maybe they don't know how to react or what to say.