Celtic Dragon - Pentacles Court Cards

Soaring Eagle


Description: A young boy is touching the head of an earth dragon with one hand and holding a book of dreams in his other hand. Above the boy’s head are dream-like images of dragons. On the floor at his feet a small earth dragon and a cat are touching noses.

Significant Details: The pentacle signifies protection. The earth dragon is a spiritual guide and teacher. The book symbolizes knowledge in the subconscious mind.

My Interpretation: This is a time of new experiences, of gaining new knowledge. You may receive surprising news about money. You may experience vivid dreams during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This page is studious, quiet, practical, and trustworthy. He gives me a sense of daydreaming, but of keeping himself in reality also, by the way he's touching the dragon.


Description: A young woman is standing on a rocky mountain and watching men below build a rock house. There is a large earth dragon behind the young woman. She has a sword on a belt and a bag with a pentacle over one shoulder.

Significant Details: The stones symbolize primordial power. The sword and the bag represent the spiritual strength for defense.

My Interpretation: You may have financial gains or losses during this time. This is a good time to buy properties. A loan may be repaid during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This knight is conservative, cautious, hardworking, and stubborn. Her stance tells me that she doesn't want to move if she doesn't have to. She's content overlooking the efforts of those below her.


Description: The queen is seated upon her throne. The throne has a large carved earth dragon at the top, and a bright five-pointed star. Beside her there is an earth dragon that she is touching, and she is holding a star-topped wand in the other hand. On her other side is a table with a crystal ball and a candle. There are books strewn at her feet.

Significant Details: The large carved dragon symbolizes contact with the spiritual and astral realms. The pentacle represents power and protection. The earth dragon represents spiritual guides and teachers. The red cloak symbolizes the blood of life. The brown gown symbolizes connections with Earth and the powers of Nature. The white undergown symbolizes connections with the spiritual. The books represent knowledge. The candle represents seeing clearly. The crystal ball represents seeing the past and future.

My Interpretation: This card indicates a feminine influence who is good with finances, but critical and demanding. This is a time of reaping what you have sown, of gaining benefits from your hard work. This is a good time for making plans for the future.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This queen is warm, earthy, sensual, nurturing, and resourceful. She is the mother of us all, yet shows these qualities only when it suits her.


Description: The king is standing with one hand on his throne, his other hand touching his sword on his belt. His cloak is lying across the throne, and a vine is twisting up one side of the throne. An earth dragon is asleep in front of the throne.

Significant Details: The throne symbolizes stability and balance in life. The pentacles represent protection. The spirals represent the power of creation-destruction. The dragon teeth represent spiritual protection. The vine of life represents the feminine and creative side of all people. The sword represents justice.

My Interpretation: This card represents a masculine influence that can be domineering, yet wise and reliable. This is a time of material success; you may have dealings with a banker or head of a business. Do not allow your stubbornness to alienate others.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This king is reliable, supportive, steady, and a good provider. He will support us in our efforts, and provide for us when we need him to.

[size=+2]Overview of the Court Cards of Air:[/size]

From the page to the king we have traveled a great distance. First from the wanting to learn to control our physical world to the complete control we gain when we finally reach the king. We are now our own masters.


The Page seems studious but marvel on what happening around him. The world is full of magic events and he look curious about them. He doesn't look afraid.

The Knight look around, as if on guard. There is no threat, so there is no need to act. This knight seems to patrol the land to insure everything goes well.

The Queen seems to have a lot of experience. She hold a little magic wand. She look grandmotherly and a bit of a fairy goodmotherlike. She may be able to do a few tricks or pull a few string to help people.

The King is up. The dragon is sleeping. The king seems to be able to fix things. He seems to be in the middle of solving a problem with an item in the tree. He look as if he is in deep thinking.