Celtic Dragon - Six of Pentacles

Soaring Eagle

Description: An old man with a cane is walking towards a large earth dragon. The dragon is holding his gold-filled paw out to the man. A small child is seen leaning against one of the dragons’ legs and the dragon is resting a paw upon her shoulder.

Significant Details: The child represents trust and confidence. The pentacles are signposts to the positive.

My Interpretation: This is a time of receiving your just rewards, both positive and negative. This is a good time to revive your outlook on life, help others, and show your generosity. You may receive a repayment of money or time loaned.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Lining up the cards, you can see that our Just Rewards(6) come after we suffer losses(5) and often times before periods of Stopped Progress(7).

Our just rewards may be positive, or negative, depending on how we live our lives. If we do our best, our rewards are positive. If we fall into the trappings alongside our pathway, our rewards will be negative.


We don't see if the old man is happy but the child is. The dragon seems to be peaceful and welcoming, he even have a aureole around his head. There is some pavement on the ground. It's an easy path for the old man to walk on. He doesn't look in a hurry,

Soaring Eagle

I hadn't really paid that much attention to the light in the card. It is definately a spiritual light.