celtic Dragon - Six of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a woman with a small dragon on her shoulder standing at a table full of magical tools. There are five other small dragons throughout the room. The woman wears a gold crown with a star directly over her forehead, and has a spiritual aura around her. There is a large vase with six wands seen at the front of the card.

Significant Details: The five-pointed star signifies a connection with spiritual guidance; access to ancient knowledge; protection. The crown symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. The wands signify willpower. The vase signifies fertility and manifestation. The dragons are spiritual helpers.

My Interpretation: Success is near, everything is falling into place. You will see positive development in your projects, proven by the work and energy you have put into them. You will be able to see your situation more clearly. Supportive friends give you the courage to follow your dreams.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder When I line up the 5(Opposition), 6(Victory), and 7(Competition) I notice that the story that the cards tell is that after jealous opposition, we can obtain victory, but that we may have competition and have to defend our victory.

Intuitive Story: After continuing my journey, I have come upon a small house located in this isolated terrain. As I am passing, a woman comes out of the house. Upon seeing me, she invites me to enter, and offers me dinner. I am thankful for this hospitality, and follow her into the house.

We talk for a while, and it comes around that I am on a spiritual journey. She states that she may be able to help me with my journey. I am surprised by her generosity, and gladly accept her assistance. After my brief dinner, she leads me into a room where there are several small dragons. As she enters, the wands, that she has in a vase beside her table start to glow. It is a very magical room.

She talks to me of the scrolls she has been studying. We talk at length, and then I bed down to get some rest.


the woman seems to be happy in what she is doing and by the company of the little dragons. It's night, the moon shine. We see the moon by the window. She seems to work late, maybe something with a deadline. Even so, she don't seems to stress and she is not absorbed by her work. She seems to be efficient.