Celtic Dragon *Study Group* 13 - Death

September Pixie

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A significant transformation approaches. An unplanned event requires you to make a dramatic or radical change. Illusions are stripped away, leaving you with only the bare truth. A possible inheritance or unexpected money may come your way.

September Pixie

Something happened to the attachement.. lets try this again!

September Pixie

This dragon is been left in the dark far too long.. just like when you walk from darkness into light, it stings your eyes... this dragon is in this exact moment.. while change may sting at first, its needed and shapes our lives.. it is a transcendence from the past into the future.. shedding of the old scales to reveal beautiful new ones.

September Pixie

As discussed in this thread http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32204 My dragon guide appears on these cards.. or rather, she is the same breed.. during conversations she explained the black scales are scuffed off with age and they develop like humans, much like children to adults, and shedding their scales is part of that process.. (death = transition), and on this card, we have exactly that... shedding childhood to make way to adulthood, shedding away the past to reveal a sparkling new beginning.. room for new growth.

Soaring Eagle

Description: A large dragon is shedding its back scales and emerging as a white dragon. The dragon has its head thrown back and is roaring with its wings spread wide. The dragon is bathed in a white stream of light coming from above.

Significant Details: Knowledge, willpower, and trust in the spirit realm have aided the dragon in its transformation.

My Interpretation: You may experience unplanned changes. You may have to face unpleasant truths as illusions are stripped away. You may experience a physical or spiritual transformation.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Why is the dragon roaring? Was this transformation unplanned? Is this a painful transformation? We all suffer transformations throughout our lives: child-adolescent-adult-elderly, or single-married-children-empty nest-grandchildren, and there are many more.

Intuitive Story: I have continued on my spiritual path, and as night falls, I start to look for shelter. I come across a cave, and carefully enter. It is very dark, and appears empty.

As I start to prepare for the night, I hear sounds coming from deeper in the cave. I go to see where the sounds are coming from. The cave is deep, and after several minutes of walking, I see a large black dragon shedding his skin. He must be in pain, because at that moment he starts to roar. He is bathed in a bright white light coming through a hole in the ceiling.

As I don’t wish to disturb the dragon, I return to my campsite. I no longer hear the dragon, and drift off to sleep. My dreams are filled of dragon transformations and then of the transformations of my own life.


I can understand his roaring. When our skin have cut or being burned (or for any other reason), it's hurt. We shed some skin but it is not as drastic as this dragon. Maybe he feel a bit itch. It seems that some part of his body are harder to get ridden of the old skin.