Celtic Dragon *Study Group* Meeting Your Special Dragon

September Pixie

This is the guided Dragon Guide study taken from the book, I would love to hear others post any differences they have used to help those that the find the book a little too distracting.

Cards Needed For Meditation:
Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, & Ace of Pentacles.

Begin with your relaxation techniques. When finished, visualize yourself surrounded by white light. Then drop all of your problems into the pond or river.

You find yourself on a mountaintop. Beyond you, in the distance, you see a volcano with smoke and steam floating from its crater. You turn to look behind and below you. Vasts forests sparkle with bright blue lakes and twisting rivers. On the horizon you can see the twinkling edges of the ocean. The tan and ocher hues of distant sand dunes are a streak of color between the aquamarine ocean waters and the deep green of evergreen trees. You look up at the sky and see that storm clouds are rolling in over the mountains, although long shafts of brilliant sunlight break through the clouds to light up the hills and forests.

Suddenly, you are aware of various kinds of dragons in the scenery around you. The dark Chaos dragons roll and turn in the storm clouds, while the dragons of Light fly up and down the paths of sunlight. Earth dragons crawl beneath the thick canopy of tree branches. Fire dragons of all sizes play in the steam and heat of the volcano. Every lake and river is home to Water dragons, as is the distant ocean. Dragons of the desert and arid places haunt the hot dunes. You can feel the separate energy and power of each dragon as they call to you. Hold out your hands and mentally call to the dragon to which you are attracted. Instantly, you are beside that dragon. You walk unharmed and unafraid in the dragon's domain. The dragon speaks to you about improving your life on all levels.

When you are finished, you can return to your body, or you can return to the mountain top and visit with another dragon. At any time that you feel uncomfortable with a particular dragon, you can end the visit. When you wish to end the meditation, simply think of your physical body. When you are once more in your physical body, take several deep breaths to ground yourself. Open your eyes. You are once more entirely in the physical realm.

©D.J Conway & Lisa Hunt - A Guide To The Celtic Dragon Tarot.

September Pixie

I began with the meditation in the book with slight variations, I found it distracting to pay so much attention to detail in the backgrounds.. I had already envisioned my "sacred space" from other study decks, and I simply went there..

In my special place it is a lush and lavish garden, full of crystal waterfalls, rainbows in the sky, freshly cut grass and beautiful flowers blooming, in the distance there are mountains covered in mist.. I then began picturing dragons in those areas.. I simply opened my arms, called out to them.. and one large, beautiful, and glistening dragon came to me.. You can see her on 2 of Swords, The Moon, & The Death cards.. She spoke of courage, strength, trust, and willingness.. All things I need & needed at the time.. Not once did I feel harmed in my sacred place, nor did I feel scared or threatened by any of the dragons there.. I respected their place and they respected mine. We talked, we walked, I listed, laughed, and cried.. once it was over, I thanked her, asked her to watch over me, and I left. :)


Lovely dragon meditations September Pixie.. :thumbsup: I am gonna copy them in my journal.. Thanks for posting them.. :)

Shadow Wolf

Thank you for sharing this meditation. I think I'd like to try it. I could really use a dragon ally right now. Feeling unsure, scared and a little lost, I could really benefit from a confidence and courage boost.


I found it hard to get into the meditation itself. I had no problem visualizing the place I just have a hard time meditating I think their are too many distractions. However, I do not know how I should counteract this. Do you think you can tell me what you did to get into the meditation? Also did you record your voice on a recorder and just play it through the meditation? I don't know why but I feel silly when I record my voice, and I don't like listening to the sound of my voice. Although when I am scared I sing and it calms me down x.x so I just don't know why. I would really appreciate the help.
Thank you!
Good luck and Be safe