Celtic Dragon Study Group?

September Pixie

Has there been one? or is there enough people to start one? My friend and I both have this deck and are anxiously waiting to use it.. :) Just curious how many others do as well?


Not in this context, you can find opinions on the decks in the "tarot decks" listing. Perhaps studying both the Celtic Dragon and the Shapeshifter would be a good idea as they are designed by the same people.

I personally like the page of pentacles, the scene with teh dragon and the cat is adorable.


I've got the Celtic Dragon, and I'd love to be part of a study group.


September Pixie

That makes 2 of us so far :)


I just ordered the celtic dragon deck from amazon and would definately be interested in a group devoted to it.



I used to have this deck, but it was my first one, and I had a hard time with it, so I sold it. :( If there is going to B a study group, though, I might just re-buy it! I love the artwork from this deck, and wouldn't mind the chance to get to know it better.

September Pixie

I think the symbolism in this deck is well worth exploring :) & your right, the art work is beautiful!


I'm curious to know if there are more interested in this study group?

After much searching, I think I'm going to go with this one. Hopefully I won't be too lost! Eek!


I would be interested in the study group. It is the deck I work with the most currently.

September Pixie

I have both the Celtic Dragon and the Shapeshifter, we could I guess study both cards together for those of us who have both decks.. I find the book in the Celtic Dragon to be interesting reading, much more than most decks I have purchased.