Celtic Dragon - Ten of Cups

Soaring Eagle

Description: A family is at a table full of cups holding rainbows in them. There are small water dragons on the table and flying in the air. There is a large water dragon seen behind the parents.

Significant Details: The cups symbolize rewards for efforts to create a positive life. The rainbows represent happiness and balanced emotions. The dragons symbolize magical energy. The large dragon represents peace attained by balanced emotions.

My Interpretation: Goals are reached successfully. Contentment and happiness come into your life. Strong friendships or love brighten your existence. A joyful family occasion is possible.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: After having our wishes granted (9) we finally reach a point of contentment(10).


A moment of unity. The tiny dragons are playful. The children are curious-looking. The mother seems to see a magical moment happening, a moment she will cherish later on.

The little rainbows in the cups is something I like pretty much in this card.