Celtic Dragon - Ten of Pentacles

Soaring Eagle

Description: A man and woman are crossing a bridge into a castle. There are three cats at their feet. A large earth dragon is on top of the castle watching the couple enter the castle. There are small dragons flying above the couple.

Significant Details: The bridge symbolizes rewards in the physical life for leading a balanced life. The cats represent independence, resourcefulness, and healing. The large earth dragon represents protection on the astral journeys and physical life. The small earth dragons are astral guides and teachers.

My Interpretation: You are close to completing a cycle in your life. This is a good time to acquire a house or property or to start a successful business. You may renew your confidence and happiness by attending a gathering of friends or family.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: We have reached the end of a cycle. We have proven to be successful in our material and physical world. We are ready for anything.


The couple is well surrounded by little dragons and there is a big dragon guarding the castle. It makes me think of the ending of fairy tales,where everything end well and people are happy.

Soaring Eagle

I also thought of this as a fairy tale ending. It just gives such a peaceful ending.