Celtic Dragon - Ten of Swords

Soaring Eagle

Description: A dragon is lying on a hilltop with a woman resting against him holding a sword. They are both wounded, and the dragon is bleeding from two of his wounds. There are nine swords lying on the ground pointing towards the woman and dragon. Behind them there are ancient stones.

Significant Details: The swords represent the power of your enemies. The stones represent strength and endless universal energy.

My Interpretation: You are resistant to changes during this time, possibly from fear of loss. You need to be aware of oppressive forces that are at work and work towards finding a solution. This is not a time for selfishness, but a time to for self-realization, possibly even self-sacrifice. Do not be too hard on yourself.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: After suffering great sadness or hurt (9) we may open ourselves to greater oppression(10) by others. We must gather our strength to overcome the oppression by others.

Intuitive Story: Further along on my journey I have entered a grassy hill country. It is beautiful here, and I greatly enjoy the scenery. As I am topping one small hill, I notice that there is a dragon lying with a woman resting against him. As I draw nearer I can see nine swords pointing towards them, and the woman is also holding a sword. It is obvious that they have had great difficulties.

The woman notices me, and tells me that their enemies have caused great problems, but they are resting before continuing on their journey. She says that after all the difficulties and hurt inflicted upon them, that they will not give up, they will overcome these difficulties.

I am amazed at her strength of will. She has suffered, and yet is willing to get up and continue on her way. I continue on my path, so that the woman and dragon can both get some very much needed rest. Seeing the woman’s strength to continue has given me strength to continue further along my path.


I see two possible stories from this card. The woman was too lake to save her dragon friend or she had to kill him under external pressure. In either case, she loose a friend. She is sad. She is mourning.