Celtic Dragon - Ten of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: A woman is climbing the rocks to reach a dragon that is lying on a ledge, ten wands under one foot. The woman is looking at the dragon as she climbs. The dragon has it’s mouth open, as if offering encouragement.

Significant Details: The rocks signify stability and foundation. The mountains signify the gateways to the spirit realm and spiritual knowledge. The wands signify willpower.

My Interpretation: This is a time of difficulties. You will have to struggle to overcome obstacles in your path, but your inner-strength will help you. You may experience a loss after expending a lot of effort.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As I line up the 9(Inner-Strength) and 10(Struggle) I can see the connection. You need to gather your inner-strength before taking on any struggles, or you will fail to meet your goals.

Intuitive Story: I have passed through the forest of the subconscious, and now must climb a rocky mountain to reach my goal. It has not been an easy climb, but after a long climb, I can see my goal within my reach. My spiritual guide is on a rock ledge with ten crystal-topped wands under his foot.

I so want to reach my goal. It has been a long journey, and it has not been an easy one. It is a good thing that I had gathered my inner-strength before entering the forest, because that was a tough trip, and now this climb is even tougher. I continue climbing this dangerously rocky mountain. I will reach my goal, I must.

My spiritual guide is offering me words of encouragement, not allowing me to stop and dwell on the difficulty. Oh, what would I do without him? I am so pleased to have him this close to me. He has always offered me the best advice. As I start to wonder if I can truly continue, he tells me that he sent the magician to me, so that I would gather my inner-strength for the struggle up the mountain. I should have known, he has always helped me in ways that do not always seem obvious. I finally pull myself up over the last rock. I have reached my goal!!! My guide allows the joy to burst forth, and then tells me that this was but one of life’s journeys, there are others to make.


To me, the woman seems very able to go to the dragon. She is in full motion. Maybe the dragon is her goal and she is near it. Of course, it is not easy but now, it's the last effort before attaining a goal.