Celtic Dragon - Three of Cups

Soaring Eagle

Description: A dragon is sleeping on a pile of treasure in a cave. There are three cups sitting on the water, and the water is reflecting on the cave wall.

Significant Details: The cups represent the riches of spirit. The treasure represents the hidden knowledge found within the subconscious. The water represents the constant giving and receiving of emotional wealth. The water reflections on the wall symbolize love and contentment.

My Interpretation: You may have prosperity, success, good luck and happiness during this time. This is a time of celebration, and of successful creativity.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Lining up the Ace (Fertility), 2(Love), and 3(Success), I see that as we start anew, and learn to love, we will reach emotional success.

Intuitive Story: I have been following a stream as I journey. The stream enters a cave, and I follow it into the cave. I’m not sure why I follow this stream, but it feels right. I know I was meant to learn something by following this stream. Deep in the cave there is a light. As I near the light, I see that there is a water dragon asleep on a pile of treasure. On the water are three cups, with a spiritual light inside each one.

The dragon has heard my footsteps and awakens. He tells me that if I can answer a riddle, he will give me some gold to take with me on my journey. I say that I will try his riddle. He asks me what the three cups on the water mean. I think this over, and eventually answer that they stand for the mind/mental abilities, body/physical abilities, and spirit. He then asks me why they are on the water, and not in the water. I answer that as the three are united, they have formed the perfect spiritual knowledge, thus are able to be placed ON the water rather than IN the water.

The dragon is surprised, as he hands me several gold coins. He tells me that I have learned a lot on my spiritual journey, but that I have more to learn. If I had answered correctly, all of the treasure would have been mine.

Now I am left to ponder on how to truly achieve success. What have I more to learn?


This dragon is the guardian of the treasure. He is resting while all is calm. He is well hidden, so he doesn't get too much bothered. The cups are floating. They seems to have something hot inside them. Maybe it is to keep the dragon warm. It is the good life.