Celtic Dragon - Three of Pentacles

Soaring Eagle

Description: A man is painting five-pointed start upon a door. There are three small earth dragons on a ledge above the door.

Significant Details: The castle represents the present life. The door symbolizes the entrance to the Inner Mysteries of the spiritual path. The dragons are astral guides and teachers.

My Interpretation: This is a time to use your creative talents for profitable gain. This is a time of success and material gain. You will find success upon completing a project.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: When we boldly face the changes (2) in our path, we can attain satisfaction(3), but need to be careful not be fall into greed (4) or we will find ourselves unhappy on our life path.

Intuitive Story: After crossing the canyon, and learning how to face changes that come up on my path, I continue on my journey. I can see a castle in the distance, and decide to make that castle my goal for the day. As I draw nearer the castle, I can see that it is large, there must be a wealthy owner that lives there.

As I draw close to the castle, I see that there is a man painting. When I come within talking distance of him, I notice that he is painting five-pointed stars on a doorway. Above the doorway, on a ledge, there are three small earth dragons. They seem to inspire the man to paint.

The man notices me, and tells me that he is painting the stars to protect his castle. He is a very cheerful man, and gladly invites me inside. He tells me that he made a fresh start many years ago, and learned to balance his time and events that came up, before he gained the satisfaction of purchasing this beautiful castle by the sea.


He seems to enjoy his job. It is a bit ambiguous if it's his job or doing it just for fun. He is happy by what he is doing and look to take pride in it. He have his audience too.

Soaring Eagle

I hadn't thought about pride in this card. I think you are right, he does seem to take pride in his work.