Celtic Dragon - Three of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a crystal-topped wand stuck in the sand overlooking a beach. Two air dragons (each holding a crystal-topped wand) are circling the wand in the sand. The dragons are combining by the spiritual power of the wand in the sand.

Significant Details: Earth – rocks and sand – practicality; Water – ocean – emotions; Fire – flashes from the wands – action; Air – rainbow-colored sky – thought.

My Interpretation: Mind, body, and soul working together in harmony. Things are in motion, stay on track, be patient. Planning is the key to success. A partnership is possible in your work.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As I lined up the 2(Will), 3(Harmony), and 4(Success) I noticed that it does tell a story. You must have the courage/will before you can be completely at harmony and achieve success.

Intuitive Story: After leaving the grassy meadow, I get an urge to visit the ocean. My travels have carried me far, and I now approach the ocean. I can hear the waves breaking. The air has a saltiness to it. Oh, how energized I feel.

When I reach a point where I can see the beach, I notice that there is a large crystal-topped wand stuck in one of the sand dunes. There are two air dragons (one orange and one blue) circling overhead, and each holds a crystal-topped wand. There is a flash, and the three wands are connected by spiritual energy. At that moment, the two dragons start to merge at their tails.

I am overwhelmed with energy as I sit watching this display. This is a very magical place indeed, as I notice that all of the elements are present in this very special spot. Earth, Water, Fire and Air all brought together to provide a great source of magic. I am awed by the scenery and magic. There is such a “presence” here. It is no wonder that my energy levels have increased the closer I came to this spot. I feel as if the energy just drew me here.


The wand seems to attract the two dragons there. The wand seems to be magical, as the dragons seems to be linked at the tails. Maybe they are not quite ready to work as a team, they seems to be angry by the event and each other.

Soaring Eagle

It could be that the transformation has surprised them. This could also be indicating that me may be partnered with someone who we don't initially see as a partner, but who will assist us in our duties.