Celtic Dragon - Two of Pentacles

Soaring Eagle

Description: A young woman is walking on a tree trunk that spans two rock ledges. The young woman is holding a baby dragon in either hand, and there is a larger dragon behind the young woman.

Significant Details: The pentacle signifies protection. The dragons are astral guides and teachers. The faces in the rocks signify helpers from the astral realm. The rocks signify a solid foundation.

My Interpretation: This is a time of changes, of balancing two life events. If you maintain your balance and manage your time well, you will find harmony and contentment. You may have changes in your moods and energy during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: After making a new beginning(Ace) we will have to learn to balance changes(2) in our path, before we can achieve satisfaction(3) in our lives.

Intuitive Story: I have been traveling through a forest, but now have entered a rocky terrain. I notice a large earth dragon lying on a ledge, and go to speak to her. She is very warm and attentive, and willing to teach me a new lesson. I wonder what lesson she will have for me.

We talk at length about the changes that everyone must go through in their lives. There are pleasant changes, and some not so pleasant changes, but we must learn to balance ourselves if we wish to achieve success. It is almost like a juggling act, learning to balance and be flexible. We must learn to adapt to new circumstances and manage our time wisely, or we will find ourselves very unhappy.

After our talk, the large earth dragon tells me that I must learn this lesson well if I hope to achieve success in my life. She tells me that to pass this test I must take two of her baby earth dragons with me as I walk across a log that spans the canyon. I am terrified, I don’t like heights, and the dragon reminds me to watch my footing and not look below the log. I gather my faith in all the dragon has taught me, and I take two baby dragons, and begin to walk safely across the log. When I have reached the other side, the dragon tells me that I may leave the little dragons there, they know how to return. I am pleased that I have passed this test, and have learned to balance myself and life’s events at the same time.


Definitively a card about balance. The distance in this balancing act is short but something we must start with baby step to see we are able to do it and do longer distance.

Soaring Eagle

Yes, that's what I also liked about this card. It's not just about changes, but about balancing those changes.


I see in the dragon in the background one aspect of the woman's protection. I note that the dragon is lying down and therefore confident that the woman will pass this test but also alert enough to act if the need should arise. I also note the faces in the rocks. They tell me that if she does happen to lose balance and fall that she will learn and grow from the experience. She will come out stronger.